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Ban legal motorsport!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Shifty, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21971139-421,00.html


  2. This tread rminds me of my english exam....

    <News artical>


    But still. If there are no legal motorsports there'll b more people turning to illegal motorsports. Wont they?
  3. It's from news.com.au, nobody who matters will read it :p
  4. It's Harold Scruby speaking, hardly the sound voice of reason.

    If only I could firewall my mind...
  5. Sigh, just another example of putting political point scoring ahead of common sense.

    What an accident that occured at a charity event on a public road on the other side of the world has to do with this escapes me :?

    Tell that to ohhh... Peter Brock, Jack Brabham, Michael Schumaker.......

    Would someone please make this self appointed tool go away..... please.

    Perfectly legal off street motorsport tells P-platers to kill, kill, kill.

    See my previous response...

    Remember kids, this is sending the wrong message...

    Care to tell me how?

    I'd have thought it was job to encourage all drivers to obey the road laws.

    What? now I'm confused, I thought this was gonna happen at an off street venue....

    Just quietly, I'd rater go for a ride in a 3000hp drag car, or wash my hair or polish the cat or...
  6. I reckon it's a great idea. Imagine how much more exciting the MotoGP and SBK races would be if they were illegal too! Everything's more fun when it's illegal, it's like the chip you steal off your brother's plate that tastes the best of all.
  7. That sums it up perfectly. It's a legal activity, why not promote it, give it away, whatever the hell you want to do with it.
  8. Sanctioned motorsport = the perfect message to give.

    How do these morons get to any position of influence?
  9. +1 :rofl: I'd love to see hwy patrol trying to keep up with the MotoGP riders at phillip island this year
  10. They'd do a better job than you'd reckon. :LOL:
  11. From news.com.au comments:

  12. Bahahahahahaha, I'd buy that poster a beer :beer:.
  13. can't be arsed quoting. I'm going to use ""

    "Less than a week ago six people were killed in a drag racing charity event "

    "Mr Roozendaal has been slammed by road safety organisations"

    It's off street drag racing. Road safety organisations should focus on ROAD safety. The event organisers will do what that can to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

    "This sends all the wrong messages..."

    Can people just accept that there will always be morons out there who lack common sense; regardless of what laws are made/chaged. Things like this will always happen. By saying they're sending the wrong message is just convincing these people that they're the victims, and not responsible for their own actions - because they got the wrong message. Sh!t like this really pisses me off!
  14. obviously not goo enough. we have massive problems on our roads

    erics promotion is A BAD IDEA! not because its 'dangerous' but because he's in a position of authority where his job is to make a firm stand against that kind of behavior and the mentality it breeds. i dont care how eric feels about it personally, he cannot be seen accepting it on any level.

    by God! that man's done and said some stupid things in his time!
  15. Huh? His job is to take a stand against using the WSID for it's intended purpose? Taking it off the street is the RIGHT mentality.
  16. devotard wrote
    the 'mentality' is "burnouts! cool!, doughnuts! cool!" the kids are not going to pick on the difference between being on the streets or off the streets.

    besides, say they do, they're not going to care, they're not going to say "hey guys, i think we should buy some time at a track to do this, maybe during the day, instead of right now, while we're in the mood and the chicks are here watching us."

    they do what they like where they like because they're kids and thats where the problem lies in erics behavior.

    eric's saying 2 things 'doughnuts and burnouts-yay cool' and 'purchasing tracktime is the way old, ritch people like me do it'.

    which one of those 2 messages is going to be the most prominant to young people.

    which one of those 2 meesages can your average kid do?

    a burnout or purchase track time with his pocket money?
  17. So because condoms cost money, safe sex shoud not be encouraged as it will just teach kids to have unsafe sex because they can't afford condoms?
  18. shifty wrote
    kids do all kinds of things. getting pregnant is one of them.

    its not just about money, they get pregnant because they couldnt be bothered going up the shops, because they're optimistic, they took a risk last time and it was ok, they didnt want to insist on protection for whatever reason, you know, the mentality of kids.
  19. Well I guess if he can be that badly misunderstood by a member of the general public then he did say the wrong thing.

    Cops actively advertise going to WSID, Willowbank etc specifically to drag race, drop a burn out or two and have FUN. Are they being irresponsible as well?

    Street meets up here at Willowbank are about $20 I think.
  20. devotard wrote

    only because cops too are aurthority figures.

    there isnt anything other than that which i would say is irresponsible. they just need to set an example that's going to work and there's no point saying 'we do this appropriately' without having appropriate places for kids to copy them which are free, legal and local to most suburbs.