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Ban bikes and stop loss of life

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kaer, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. In today's Daily Telegraph - Page 16




    The actual article in the paper is a little more inflamatory. Here's
    the differences:

    Title : Ban bikes and stop loss of life.

    And in a little box on the side

    Laws for P-plate riders

    P-Platers must not ride any motorcycle above 660cc.

    There are certain motorcycles below 660cc that cannot be ridden
    because they exceed a power-weight ratio of 150kw/per ton

    Some approved motorcycles 600cc and above include

    Honda XR600, XR600R and XR650L

    Suzuki LS650 and XF650

    Yamaha XT660R, XT660X, XTZ600, XV650 and XV650A

    Kawasaki KL600, KL650A, KL650B and KL650C

    More details on the RTA website.
  2. I've heard newsprint ink can cause cancer - ban newspapers and stop the loss of life
  3. So obviously NSW doesn't have the 250 restriction we have in Victoria?????
  4. i don't see how riding a 250 would make any diffence. He was only doing 120 and even a 250 will get to 120 quite quickly.....
  5. "more inflammatory?"

    The headline says "Ban These Bikes"
    The story suggests that there should be some way to prevent L and P platers from buying bikes that are not learner approved.

    Given that no licence is necessary to buy a bike, it would be a bit tricky, but I can see where they're coming from.

    The rider in the story was riding a new, non-LAMS bike at 120 in a 60 zone, lost control and unfortunately died.
  6. If the road was posted at 60 kays, he could have crashed and died at 80 on a scooter!!! Surely the bike in question is barely relevant!
  7. Some LAM bikes really are just stupid choices for learners...
    and yeah, should come off the list.
  8. (the article was pushing for a ban on L/P riders buying non-LAM bikes)
    Go on, I'm interested. Which of the LAM bikes do you think shouldn't be on the list?
  9. You cant legislate against stupidity.
  10. Sure the mother's understandably upset, but she's trying to lay the blame on everyone except the kid himself. You can't legislate against stupidity.
  11. The headline in the paper reads "Ban Bikes and stop loss of life".

    The headline in the online article is better suited to the actual article, but wasn't what was published in the paper.

    The online one wasn't inflamatory, the newspaper one was.
  12. How about smoking?

    Smoking does* cause cancer. I heard a story on the radio recently, reporting the death toll from lung cancer alone is 6 times the road toll. But then again, an old codger coughing up his lungs in hospital somewhere isn't nearly as compelling reading/viewing/listening as a photo of a young lad and his sports bike with the caption 'dead' (sub-text: "What a tragic waste of life...") or footage showing the aftermath: a carload of p!ssed revheads in a mangled dunny-door wrapped around a telegraph pole (sub-text: these hoons need protecting from themslves...).

    * Not "scientifically proven" mind you...
  13. Ban stupidity and stop the loss of life. applies to cagers too.
  14. Don't see how you could ban p-platers from buying a larger capacity bike since they could always claim its to be used only on private property track/farm etc.
  15. [moike wrote]Go on, I'm interested. Which of the LAM bikes do you think shouldn't be on the list?[/quote]

    moike i could probably start with the honda xr 600 range they are a heavy bike and they have a lot of balls about them and they don't mind the front whell comin up
    or maybe thats just me :-k :roll:
  16. It does with some exceptions. LAMS. (Learner approved Motorcycle Scheme). These are larger bikes, with low power-to-weight ratio's. A 250CBR will beat some of them at the lights :)

    This bloke went out and both a CBR600 while still on P's, rode it, did 120 in a 60 zone and crashed it. He was doing everything illegally, but the mum seems to be blaming the bike store.
  17. You don't need Lams for people riding bikes beyond their license type, same goes in the "250-states"...
    There's quite a few bikes on the LAM-list (XR600series/XT660X, etc.) that are way to "bitey" for a Learner, too sharp and definitely not easy to handle. Or some of the older bikes with shonky brakes (CB400-late 70s- series comes to mind/ rubber-frames that are really inherently tricky to ride once speeds are up)
    A learner hasn't got the experience to "ride-around" that sort of thing...
    Don't get me wrong, wish we had the LAM's here in Vic and there are some great bikes out there to learn on.
  18. ahhh... I see. I misunderstood.

    Most newspapers don't bother writing a separate version for on-line. Could it be they've already realised the paper version was a bit over the top?

    I don't read the Daily Telegraph, for a variety of reasons. The fact that I don't live in Sydney is probably not the most significant one.
  19. personal responsibility takes a back seat yet again :roll:
  20. I personally don't think that the problem is a learner, p plater etc. riding a bike that is 'outside' his legal class. What is the problem, and this is true for any rider (or driver for that matter), is one who rides/drives carelessly or beyond his / her limits. When I upgraded to a 750 I took it cautiously for a while until I became comfortable with what it (and I) could do.

    The l/p-plate laws are there to try and minimise the access that inexperienced riders have to large bikes. The assumption is that with greater experience (and normally age) will come greater maturity and skill with riding the bike - this is not always the case. Some experienced rider still do stupid things and put their lives at risk. And the p-plate period for others is inadequate (I have one friend who took his l's, then took his p's without ever being on the road, waited a year, and bought a cbr-600 as his first bike).