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BAN! Ban him!!!!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by es, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Mat abused me while I was browsing netrider :( he hit me with a pillow! This contravenes netrider policies and he should be banned!
    I know I should really PM a mod with this protest, but I feel its a topic that should be brought out in the open!

    I propose further words be added to the user agreement to the effect of;
    - Eswen shall not be battered with one or more pillows
    - There is to be no more teasing of girls who lack chocolate with such comments as
    - Year 12 is to be outlawed

    Further suggestions as to adjustments are forthcoming.

  2. eswen, you are a never-ending source of fun and amusement!!!
  3. Build a bridge out of him!
  4. or, you could always put him out on the back step for people to wipe their feet on .....
  5. take his phone off him....he'll be completely lost.
  6. But then who would i send all my sexy pictures to?
  7. hahahahaha

    love the joke!

    mat i hope your good at hidin and finding stuff. you won't be seeing chocolate for a month
  8. Due notes taken. Will beat you with fence post next time.
    *writes furiously*
  9. humph. fine you can see the movie by yourself ya bastard!

    sexy. riiiight.... im just going to go over here now ----------> "o"

    Fun and amusement!!??? This is a serious violation of human rights and youre JOKING??? go sit with "sexy" mat over there.
  10. Ok, so I have decided Ill forget about the Pillow Incident (here forth referred to as "PI") ... as long as I receive a payout equivalent to ONE BLOCK OF CHOCOLATE!

    I demand retribution!
  11. do some homework es
  12. pfft.
    let the lectures all storm,
    my beds too nice and warm
    I wont revise, I wont revise, hey hey!
  13. oh your quick

    ill give you a lecture in a minute!
  14. oh baby, lecture me.... ooh yeah....
  15. haaahahahhahahaha

    I cant pick one side to go for, i'll supply the grog and we'll have lectures and warm beds until morning time :wink:
  16. in situations like this it is best to calculate and RETALIATE!!!.....

    Revenge is a dish best served COLD :p ;)
  17. ... I hit him with a pillow too, but its not enough retaliation I think. One must strike a harder blow than what was struck to them!
    give me the chocolate.....!