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Bamm-Bamm needs a favour...Bike inspection in QLD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bamm-Bamm, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. I'm looking to buy a 2006 KTM Superduke and have found one at a dealer in Brisbane...only problem is I'm in Melbourne so it makes getting up there to check the bike out a bit of a pain...work gets in the way of bike shopping :evil: . Anyway it's only got 5000k's on it and I would really appreciate it if a fellow NR member would be kind enough to give her the once over, check for signs of damage, chek the normal roady things etc... and maybe test ride her for me.

    If your interested and can maybe do it in the next few days i would be forever in your debt.


    Keith :)
  2. About time you woke up and started looking at a decent bike.
  3. hehe...twinners are grinners eh...you back riding yet? :)
  4. You'll have to learn to wheelstand and stoppie now, there'll be no excuses.
  5. Yeah mate, been riding for a few months now. I'm looking at upgrading the storm too, i need a twin that isn't dusty :)
  6. Do they come factory with the Milo tin exhaust tip and neon underbelly lights, or are they add-on accessories? :p
  7. hahah.....atleast on rides now we won't be governed by the fuel range on the sv anymore :LOL: .......mate i am soo jealous, they look like a hoot to ride, hopefully someone in qld can help you out. :)
  8. awesome bikes - checked some out at the motogp expo - sexy as! good luck mate!
  9. Well thats fcuked it...rang about it sat morning and it sold sat afternoon

    :( :( :( :(
  10. There was a very nice one on Bikesales recently (also in QLD, though).

    Edit: This one
  11. Plenty of 05/06 brand new running out at $15k in Melb, some even less for ex demo's. The Brissy one must have been a bargain.

  12. Not anymore...I have found an ex demo for $14.7k but only 1 brand new one and thats $16.1 k on the road...bugger!. Oh well what do you do shit happens eh :(
  13. Try KTM in Hoppers Crossing? The guys there almost sold me on the spot. I had to keep on thinking about how much less sex the missus would give me if I came home with one, otherwise I might be riding one now.

    On second thoughts imagine how much more sex I would be getting if I was riding one :cool:

    What's their number again? :LOL:
  14. All I can say is 1125R :grin:

    Need to wait till March though :(