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Bamm-Bamm broke my bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. My bike has been failing to turn over properley for the last few weeks.
    Cold weather might have something to do with it, but im not sure.
    When I switch the ignition on the FI light up and you can hear it whine as it does something fancy. Recentley the noise has changed, more like its struggling to do something fancy.
    Then it turns over but wont engage, then it just wont turn over and the battery is flat.
    Sometimes it wont turn over and I need to charge the battery.
    So how do I know its the battery and not something else.

    I tried standing on one foot and facing north but it didnt work.
    I took the battery out of the bike and it still wouldnt start.

    I charged the battery and it worked. Then a week later after riding all week it wont start again. Battery seems flat.......no could it be the reg/rect ?

    I dont want to change the battery if its not the battery.
    I blame Bamm-bamm.....for everything, its nothing to do with him but its all his fault.

    I once saw a dog named Rob, he likes trains said the deaf man, no you must not said the large oblong pear tree.
  2. Honda= regulator= no chargies for battery.
    I'd think battery and/or regulator. Easy to test both.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I agree. Regumalator.

    Is there an aftermarket one or something off another bike you can use? Honda ones always seem to shit themselves.
  4. If you're a believer in Ockham's Razor, which is the simplest explanation for your woes?

    Old/dud battery, or dud reg/rec?

    (I'd be getting both checked out.) :)
  5. Occam never owned a Honda.
  6. But he was always clean shaven..so what, he owned a BMW?

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Nasal sex.......

    I take it to Redwing and ask them to test both out and tell me whats going on, Had a new Reg/rect in NOV.

    Is there and aftermarket one as I had 2 already.

  8. [​IMG]

    William of Ockham.

    He'd have ridden something that used 14th century technology, of course.


  9. don't overtighten the regulator bolts. the circuit board expands when hot and cracks if its too tight. i went through 2 regulators: the original one which smoked spectacularly, and an aftermarket one which just died. have gone back to a 2nd hand stock one and i was given the tip not to mount it tight. i relocated and gave it room. it's been on there for ages. knock on wood.
  10. SO, you had to move out and leave the bike? Man, how sensitive are Hondas?!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Check the regulator first. ie put a voltmeter across the battery when the bike is at about 3k revs...should be about 14.2v.

    Blame Bamm-bamm. Wasn't he the one that talked you into buying a Honda?:p
  12. The noises are most likely the result of a poor battery and having a battery in that condition kills other components too.
    The reason you have a poor battery will need to be checked and as others have said it could be the regulator thing a me bob.

    Its a fair chance you will need a new battery and reg. Get them checked before something else (starter) sh!ts itself from not engaging properly.
  13. Dont have a volt-o-meter and got no idea how it works.
    I think I will take it into a garage tomorrow and get the genius there to tell me what I broke.

    I hope its just the battery, its done 60,000k so Im guessing its old.

    "if it aint broke dont fix it"

    So will find out tomorrow.
    Should have bought the Ducati, would have been cheaper to maintain....seriously.
  14. efi making different funny noise.
    fuel pump relay sticking? this would all but drain a battery o'night. i know, happened on the 1kf (yes typhoon, it has a fuel pump.... :LOL: )
    it would drain enough o'night to give the bike a half ar5ed kick and nothing more. just a thought, seing as you already did the reg/rec thingo.

    and relays are cheap :grin:
  15. A fuel pump eh? Modern technology!
    My GTR has a fuel pump, I call it gravity!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Got it checked out today. The Reg/Rec is fine but the battery is goosed.
    Not holding a charge.
    After lots of things dying on my bike it continues to be a special bike.

    I have expensive spark plugs -not out of choice just the only ones that fit .
    Linked brakes- pain in the arse to service.
    VTEC- pain in the arse to service and get it right.
    Reg/rectifier is $$$$$
    and now the battery.........$255 RRP. Its a sealed unit/service free battery. Mix of acid and something else and sits on an angle so you cant use something else.
    There is a tiawanese copy only $120....
    Im sick of having a special bike , i just want it to be normal.

    This bike get more love and attention, I think it needs a therapist.
    It keeps breaking down from HONDA parts, and they cost a fortune cos they are not normal generic parts.

    Im buying a DUCATI....cheaper to maintain
  17. You should be able to get a sealed battery for MUCH less than that...I paid $65 for one.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I need more starch in my diet...I can't believe it still turned over I mean I was pissing in your fuel tamk for so long I caught a terrible case of the sniffles..good to hear it was the battery ya wee little poof :p

    and i told ya thats what happens when you ride a gay bike :grin:
  19. Now ya learnin'. :p :cool: