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BAM! Right in the kisser!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by KenOathcarn, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Was riding at around 110km/h behind a prime mover on the Monash Freeway earlier today. I saw something come off the right-hand side of the truck and bounce off the ground towards me. Swerved to the left just enough for whatever it was to smash hard in the middle of my visor. I could immediately feel that the helmet was damaged enough for the shell to have changed shape..

    Overtook the truck using the emergency lane and tried to get him to pull over. Wouldn't budge. Pulled beside him and kept on the horm and pointing to the side of the road. Wouldn't budge. Followed him for about 12km down the freeway. Wouldn't budge.

    He FINALLY pulled off the freeway at the South Gippsland highway... As I pulled up I could see the fuel cap missing from the right-hand tank of the truck.

    The air-vent on the front of the helmet was smashed off, front of the shell and visor cracked and the foam on the inside was pushed in about 8mm. After some "negotiation" he followed me to the AMX at Lynbrook and coughed up for a brand new helmet on the spot. I game him the old one and we parted ways.

    What a day :blackeye:

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  2. Good work getting him to cough up for a newie.
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  3. Lucky it wasn't an open face helmet.

    I have no idea how people can wear them.
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  4. Good outcome
  5. did he give you a reacharound too?
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  6. Hahah... The guy was an owner-driver and said he was on his way / late to Brisbane. He couldn't understand that the helmet was f!cked and kept telling me I could wear it until next week and he's sort it out then. I got a little forceful in the end and he seemed to understand that I was getting a new lid one way or the other 3:)

    Awesomely enough, AMX had the colour scheme I wanted and couldn't get when I originally bought the helmet, so it was a pretty good outcome.

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  7. The guy pulled his card out and paid $500 for a brand new Shoei TZX?
  8. Wow. Lucky you on so many counts. Not being hit somewhere it hurts, getting the guy to stop, getting your top choice of new helmet.
    Bought a lottery ticket?
  9. If he was heading to Brissie, he was probably more grateful to find his fuel cap missing. $500 is cheap, compared to loss of fuel and possible contamination problems up the road.
  10. I am not sure you understand the concept of swerving to AVOID flying objects
  11. Nah, he planned that swerve so precisely to have the fuel cap hit him so that he can get a new helmet.
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  12. Yup! I called ahead to see if they had what I wanted then rode with the truck down there and he forked over the cash.

    Hah... I copped a nut or something falling from a tree in the chest at about 75km/h a few years back and it SUCKED. Given what it did to the helmet (it doesn't look like much in the pictures, but structurally it was screwed...) I can only imagine it would have been like a baseball bat to the face if the visor wasn't down.

    Dunno about contamination, but the guy mentioned that the cap itself is worth about $90...

    I was trying to catch it with my teeth! Nom nom nom... For my next trick I'm gonna swallow a ladder falling from a tradie's van like a sword :p
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  13. A couple of times I've swerved to avoid flying objects only to collect them. Had I not swerved, I would have missed the object. I seems a natrual reaction to swerve, sometimes with the wrong consequesnces.
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  14. I dunno bout this one. Flagging the bloke down & demanding he buy you another helmet? To me, thats the same as if you were driving a car & you get a crack inyour windscreen from a flicked up rock or something. Do you chase the bloke down to demand a new windscreen? I reckon that's a bit cheeky TBH, but well done on getting him to do it! Hazards of riding/driving I reckon. Just be glad your face wasn't smashed in!

    Then again, I spose a broken item from a car/truck is different to a random rock/stick/nail. Guess that kinda makes him liable.
  15. Yeah, you could argue whatever was on the road, but a bit hard when your missing a fuel cap.

    $500 dollars would be nothing to an owner driver compared to the insurance excess.
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  16. Good outcome.

    Flying fuel cap is no different to something flying out the back of a trailer. His responsibility to ensure his cap is tight.
  17. As a truck driver, I'm sure he's well aware of the liabilities of improperly restrained cargo. Best outcome though, kudos all round.