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Balls Performance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Sir Skuffy, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Good morning all,

    Well, I just picked up my bike from balls Perfrormance out of Sunshine. Well, let me just say, I AM VERY VERY impressed. I had the bike service and tuned and my wheels/rims. OK, here is the story:

    1. Bike was last serviced by Peter Stevens in Geelong. Lets just say that when the spark plugs were changed, the two outter were a different brand to the two inner..... makes you wonder

    2. The RIMS and rotors were painted by someone from this site and most people know how bad the job was. Lets just say I almost had to buy new rotors and mounts because of it..... The rims were now annodised correctly and look an absolute treat.

    All in all, the bike runs incredibly well. She is smootherm quieter (not happy about that) and pulls alot better. My opinion, give them a go and judge for yourself.

  2. r there general services pricy????
  3. I think he only works on Jap bikes he is a little more expensive but he is well know to do good work. It would be nice if he could work on Guzzies as he is just down the road from me.
  4. What bike did you take there? They can do tunes ok, and some trick gear.
    Last I heard they still didnt have a dyno but things change, had a mate get his busa done there and wasnt that happy, but ya get that.

  5. do they have a web page???? cant find it on google?????
  6. Balls is not the same now since Rick left, he worked there for 6 year.. he is now doing services from home.. pm me if u want any info re his work
  7. That's ok, nobody likes it when their baby gets hurt :) Can understand.

    It's also why when I need big work I spend the money and got to Pete's Pitstop, he's alot like Ball's, but is only a one man operation.

    He did the best job eva on my Busa, was like a NASA rocket ship after he was done and he never once bullshi**ed me or made me broke. :)