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Balls performance sunshine, vic

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HsvNinja, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. Ive purchased a bike that has had work done on it at balls performance. The company seems to be no longer. So the main question i have is what carby jet kits they used

  2. what bike/year etc?
  3. Its a 95 kawasaki zxr750 (zx7r)
  4. It will depend on a lot of factors, why do you want to know?

    If you're tuning it, all the jets will be marked, so you be able to strip them down & find out.

    I'd get a dyno run first just to give you a benchmark to work from. If you're in melbourne, go & see Dynobike.
  5. if they dont exist i guess the place fell apart after 'balls' died in 2008
  6. Just wanted to know as it has a flat spot in it n i do want to retune it and the more info i had on the bike the better id go into a situation thats all.
  7. Flat spot aside, how are you enjoying the bike so far?
  8. Fair enough.

    A Dyno run will give you an air/fuel readout as well as HP, you be able to see the flatspot & which way to go to fix it, the exact jetting you have doesn't really matter.
  9. then probably 'dynojet'.
  10. Pull the jets out, the sizes are etched on the jets.
  11. Ok thnx for the info.
    The bike is great aside from a fuel issue im having im believing to be carby related