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Balls or Instep?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rc36, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Instep

  2. Balls

  3. Toes

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  4. Parts of my anatomy that I don't want to name

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  1. Ever since I started riding, I've ridden with the balls of my feet on the footpegs. Back then, with non-pivoting footpegs and terrible ground clearance, you did it automatically to keep your feet from being ground down on the road.

    Nowadays it's not necessary, but the habit is ingrained. I ride with the balls of my feet on the footpegs about 99% of the time.

    So, what about you? How do you ride, and why?

  2. Balls on the pegs :wink:

    It just feels right! :LOL:

    I've spent most of my riding career keeping the balls of the feet on the pegs but when i fractured my foot i'd keep on the ball as long as i could and when the pain got too much i'd shift to the instep.

    I like to keep em' tucked in nicely because i absolutely hate the feeling of scraping feet.... Although the toe sliders look great afterwards!
  3. Kind of half toes, half balls of feet - for twisty riding. Makes it easier to get body weight transfered to pegs, and necessary for grip when hip is open (leg out).

    For cruising around feet go anywhere comfortable, including oggy knobs (works extra well when going past big cruiser groups).
  4. Balls of my foot. I guess it depends on the type of bike you've got too. I find it's more comfortable with my bike as it's got a more aggressive stance whereas if you were riding in a more upright position it probably won't feel as comfortable and you'd use your instep.
  5. Balls.
    I find it a more natural way to manipulate the bike, and it feels right.
    Also find it handy for keeping me from 'hanging' on the bars those times I feel the need to open the throttle a little more than usual.
  6. For me it varies a lot.

    When riding sportily, balls on the pegs always.

    When riding on the freeway it varies a lot; I'll vary the position from time to time for comfort's sake, but generally balls of the feet on the pegs.
  7. Balls baybee!
  8. When I started riding it was balls of feet, and quite often I'd notice others with their toes forward and thought I was "wrong". It could very much be that they were just resting/stretching their feet at the time, but it's always felt natural having balls of feet on the pegs.
  9. +1
  10. Balls and all!!

    It just feels comfy and we all know when your comfy you can ride forever!!!
  11. rc36, have you and Hornet been arguing about this again? :wink:
  12. Who, me? Why ever would you say that??? :roll:

    Actually, no, we haven't spoken about it at all; I got the idea for the poll from a US forum that I occasionally inhabit!
  13. I'm glad you have the balls to ask the tough questions.
  14. Just keeping in step with everyone else.. :roll:
  15. bit toey aren't you?

    balls for me. also like to stretch so feet are on oggies, or legs straight forward with calves on oggies, or tucked way down, feet back on pillion pegs.
  16. Instep. I really should use my balls (tee hee) but it means bending my knees even more than they are already, which really starts to hurt after a while on the ZZR.
  17. Lemme guess .. stilettos :p

  18. Balls for sporting riding and instep for touring/cruising riding.

    Horses for courses people...
  19. The poll doesn't ask anything about "horses" or "courses". Are you sure you're not mistaking this forum for www.horseworld.com/forums ???