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Balls - how to avoid them getting squashed against the tank

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Depending on what bike you ride, I know we have a good cross section here, do you ever or how do you prevent your balls from being squashed with the tank everytime you brake or slow down?

    I have been trying to use my legs to hold my body in position but i dont remember to 'brace' every time i brake and slow down ](*,)

    Ive been riding that new yamaha 125 for months now and this is something ive been meaning to ask but keep forgetting
  2. Re: Balls

    I find that letting MrsB look after mine works very well :grin:.
  3. Re: Balls

    I just heft one over each side of the tank.

    no, that's a lie... mine are pickled in a jar too, alongside the jar that contains my spine, in her display cabinet.
  4. Re: Balls

    You need to grip the tank with your knees. Practise, practise, practise.
  5. Re: Balls

    He can't, his balls get in the way
  6. Re: Balls

    I'm sorry... but this should be thread of the week :rofl:
  7. Re: Balls

    Do you also keep forgetting to keep your head upright?
  8. Re: Balls

    Sorry - you aren't qualified to post here... :cheeky:
  9. Re: Balls

    i try to use my feet to put leverage on the pegs but cannot remember to do this all the time

    attached pic of knees sliding fwd due to smooth surface of tank

    Attached Files:

  10. Re: Balls

    btw thats a top down view

    everything is to scale.
  11. Re: Balls

    nope, your balls ain't that big... unless you've been without for a few years, or had a nasty accident lol
  12. Re: Balls

    i think i'm well qualified seeing some very nice specimens in my time ;)
  13. Re: Balls


    You said I was your first!!! Geez, now I know how Rudd felt after being ousted by Gillard and her cronies!
  14. Re: Balls

    wow. really? wait till you ride two-up and then you'll know what squashed testicles feel like!](*,)
  15. Re: Balls

    Maybe take up cycling if your nads get in the way
  16. Re: Balls

    I think someone's been polishing their seat. Tsk tsk.
  17. Re: Balls

    You'll develop a thick scrotom callous (technically, it's called a scrollous) eventually.

    Your sack will get as hard as a coconut.

    You can speed up the process with a table tennis paddle.
  18. Re: Balls

    ...don't brake hard...
  19. Re: Balls

    I reckon bikes should come with warnings or a nut squashing rating. My 696 is shocking for squashing my nuts if I don't grip the tank with my knees.
  20. Re: Balls

    In all seriousness, my balls are big. I had surgery on one of them, they still hurt sometimes and so not crushing them are a real issue.

    You say you ride a yammy 125. I read: ball torture device. If the tank + seat is thin it will pose a problem. If the riding position is hunched forward that will be a problem. Unforgiving sports suspension is a problem.

    The bike simply sounds too small for you.