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Ballarat Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by galdavin, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've never hosted a ride before, so if I'm doing something a bit different or unusual, make sure you let me know eh? :)

    I'm thinking of organising a Ballarat - somewhere ride soon.

    I know there are a few Ballarat riders here like JD and teaBagger, so maybe we could have a few local guys like myself mixed in with some longriders from Melb and anywhere else.

    I was thinking something along the lines of;

    Meet up at Sturt St McDonalds around 3pm, do a bit of a cruise around Sturt St from the top of Sturt at the Arch of Victory, right down to the Bridge Mall. Whip back around through the old esses down Sturt again, and then head off out towards Sebastopol way, and hit some of the Buninyong roads, maybe out near the Redline Racewar Speedtrack out around the mountain. Can't be too remotre, for those of us with a 14 litre tank... :p

    Sunday 25th September should be enough time for everyone to plan ahead. Let me know what the general concensus is. I'll drag along a few of my other buddies on bikes in town, and I might even direct them this way to these forums come to think of it ;)
  2. First thing to note: 3pm is way too late to start a ride. Everyone would be getting home at midnight! Other than that, good luck! :)
  3. from what i'v noticed from rreading organised ride posts.

    idea is th start early, ride somwhere for lunch, ride back ( or to final dest.)

    taking windy scenic routes where possible rather that highways.

    well that just my observations...hell i don't even have a bike, what would I know?
  4. Ah, just the man I want to talk to.

    I'm organising a ride to Ballarat from the Latrobe Valley (160 km east of MEL) for the weekend of 14th August. It's our annual "winter ride", where we go, rain, hail, sleet, snow or shine....

    We'll be heading to Melbourne via Noojee, Yarra Junction, etc. then up around Melbourne via Reefton etc. to Whittlesea for lunch. Then from there to Ballarat for the night.

    Home will be via Queensclift, ferry then out to Sth Gippsland via Arthur's Seat.

    With respect to Ballarat, what's a good bike route to come in to the place?
  5. As an old Ballarat boy, can I make some suggestions?
    14 litres will get you a lot further than that. Get out of town a bit further, maybe.
    I'm thinking Buninyong, Grenville, Mt Mercer, back through Enfield and Napoleons. Or even beyond Rokewood to the roads around Lake Corangamite (if its hasn't been too wet).
    Alternatively, north - out past the Gong, Creswick, Clunes, Talbot, Lexton.
    That sort of thing. Either way, I'll be there if I can. :)
  6. Just remember, the AFL grand final is 24th September. There may be a few sore heads from people as well on the Sunday. (And drunk idiots roaming about possibly on Sunday?)
  7. I don't have any suggestions (other than agreeing that an earlier start time would be good) but will come along if possible. Sound like it could be a good ride :)
  8. I'm sure Galdavin can offer a suggestion, but here's mine:
    from Whittlesea, Wallan, Romsey, Woodend, Trentham, Daylesford, Creswick, Ballarat.
    Heading to Queenscliff: Buninyong, Grenville, then either Meredith, Steiglitz, Geelong or Shelford, Bannockburn, Geelong.
  9. Cool. Noted. Grand Final and the late start. All fair points!

    Might do myself a bit more planning and road research before I amend this upcoming trip.

    As for the route to Ballarat, I'm with titus, sounds pretty good for a ride to me, although I haven't been on those roads for a while.

    I was thinking more along the lines of sticking with the Buninyong towards Geelong/Batesford route there with the Ballarat ride too Titus. The route that takes you out through Napoleons and dumps you at the Rokewood crossroads has already taken two of my friends off their bikes. Pretty nasty. Especially through the Enfield State Forest there, the roads get really mossy when it's been wet for a while, and there's just too many hazards. We'd be sure to have an incident, which is exactly what we don't want.

    Just as a general indication though, how many people would be interested in coming along for the ride, in late September/early October on a weekend? So I can get some ideas happening :)
  10. Yup, I'll come
  11. Hmmm, could be...
  12. I probably will (if Im not busy.. Which isn't often these days :( ) and I can detour from Queenscliffe or something if you head that way to pop into my parents place to say hi! (Indented Head if anyone knows that area)
  13. Thanks for that. I'll check the route planner and see how it compares with this.

    I'm told that Ballarat can be rather cold this time of the year. Should be interesting the next morning.....
  14. ballarat isnt cold this time of year, but come august its freezing.
  15. As long as it's not snowing you can count me in, should be able to round up a few other riders too. Gotta agree with some of the previous comments though that it's usually best for a ride to start in the morning, at the very least there's usually less traffic on the roads.
  16. I should be up for it, i would prefer decent weather as im sick of tootling around on wet roads and freezing my balls off.
    My tyres are getting some rather embarrasing chicken strips, especially since Merimbula ride.
  17. Weeeellll.... OK
    Might see if I can put together a route to get the city contingent up there.
    That won't be too hard. Ballarat mob can take over from wherever they like. Just let me know when you decide on a date.
  18. The roads out bunninyong are alrite but fairly rough, which roads do u mean exactly??Do u mean the back road to Geelong or just round bunninyong. I'd suggest use head out to daylesford, than trentham, to Bacchus Marsh. Much more scenic and tighter corners, still not that curvy compared to something like GOR, but still abit of fun clsoe to home.
  19. Not my call as to where and when the ride goes. That's up to the originator of the thread. I'm just saying that if a group rides up from the city, it would be better if we could avoid the boring old Western Highway. That means either coming via Buninyong, or one of a number of ways north of the highway. Either way, I'd be happy to plan a route to get to (or near) Ballarat, if that's helpful. If not, no sweat. :)