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Ballarat ride suggestions please

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by catluva, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. We are moving to Ballarat and now we need some ideas of where to ride to. Does any1 have any ideas of the area?

  2. lots of good rides. maybe up to Creswick, across to Dean then Newyln, back to Mollonghip, Millbrook and back along the old Melb rd.
    Or go to Mt Egerton and down to Morrisons then to Meredith and back up the midland highway or explore the back roads (Elaine to Lal Lal).
    Or the Ballan-Daylesford Rd and onwards
    out to Blackwood through Greendale and onwards

    ps dad lives up there and he has the CFA maps which are very detailed. if you can get hold of them it might help plan.
  3. Hmm none of those roads sound familiar, although I'm sure I've probably ridden them before.
    There's a different sort of riding to be found around here, you don't get any of the real twisty stuff like the Spurs but you do get a lot of medium to fast sweeping corners with very little traffic on them which can still be plenty of fun. Good roads are plentiful around the Daylesford area especially towards Mount Macedon/Bacchus Marsh - also some interesting stuff around Meredith. Also some good roads out to the West around the Snake Valley area.
  4. actually my other hobby is fishing so I know the roads between the reservoirs (cosgroves, newyln, hepburn, dean, bostocks) and around the moorabool river.
  5. Buninyong - Grenville - Meredith - Steiglitz - Anakie - Glenmore(!) - Ballan - Blackwood - Daylesford - Creswick - home :grin:
  6. Cue music:

    "I've been to:"
    :LOL: ...almost fits into the song! :LOL:

    The Brisbane ranges have some interesting but bumpy roads... You do have to suffer the straight as hell roads to get there though...