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Ballarat Bush Fires

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ZXRpilot, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Currently bush fires burning just outside of Ballarat.
    Big thumbs up to all the firemen, where I live is under threat, and have to be cautious, but I reckon we should be right...hope so
    Best mate had to evacuate his house and pack as much shit as possible into his car, fires are apparently pretty fukin big.

  2. Latest news from the CFA advises that Snake Valley, Haddon and Nintingbool are under threat (full info). Smoke's pretty bad over the city at the moment so it must be a big fire.
  3. Finger's crossed for you.
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  5. Eeek :shock: . Doesn't look like I'll be heading west any time soon then. Here's hoping the CFA can get it under control before it does too much damage.
  6. Yer where I live is all good now, its cooled down alot, woulda taken alot for it to actually get here, not so much stuff to burn just grass.
    Its a few of the smaller towns just outside of Ballarat which are still under threat, I think there was a lil shower of rain be4 so should hopefully help put it out.
  7. To all in the affected areas, please have a fire plan in place.

    We lived through this with the Moondarra fires and it is a very stressful situation to be in.

    Please stay safe,
  8. Latest update:
    Glenelg Highway has now re-opened but the road between Snake Valley and Smythesdale (popular with riders) is still closed. Heavy smoke in the Smythesdale, Scarsdale, Ballarat, Daylesford, Harcourt and Bendigo regions - so keep this in mind if you were planning on riding this way.
  9. Friends were visiting their parents, and had to evacuate yesterday. Filled the car with photo's and other personal valuables etc. Weren't able to go back home until 2am this morning.
  10. Bad news these fires.

    Hope you all survive with all your goods, folks and things alive and well.

    I was in Ballarat on Saturday. First time for 24 yrs.

    Went by train.

    I like the place.

    Good luck amd I hope the rain puts it out.

    Commiserations to all who have lost up there.
  11. Good news is the CFA appears to have the fire contained. Bad news is 6 homes were lost and there's a suspicion that it may have been deliberately lit :evil:.
  12. Hey JD, that wasn't you wearing camoflauge clothes on a susy in Ballarat Sturt St on Sat was it? I think it was blue?

    What are those hardley blokes like at teh bike shop near the station?
  13. We used to live on Whites RD in Smythsdale (almost next door to yellowglen) when i was a younger. Is all the bush through there burnt out?

    Or is it over the side near the miners settlements/swimming hole?
  14. bush fires are always bad news heres a big hope you all end up ok from me
  15. Nope wouldn't have been me, my bike's red (and I don't ride in camoflauge). That bike shops not too bad - obviously geared to the cruiser market. They used to be based at the bottom of Sturt Street and used to attract a few bikes (since there was a nice wide bit of footpath for parking). Mostly sell the Black Rose range of gear, bought some Cordura pants from them but haven't really been in that much. Of course they're also a cafe - they're website is here in case your interested (doing my bit to support local business :wink:).
    Edit: Haven't actually been in to their new store yet.