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Ballarat bike shops

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Jozlyn, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've Googled and found that there are several bike shops in Ballarat. Can anyone tell me if any of them are on the big side with plenty of stock/sizes, so that I can buy "off the rack"? The reason I ask, is that it's a good 3 hour drive to get there from home. My local bike shop in Horsham only stocks one brand of gear (RST and there is a good reason for this) and so far everything has had to be ordered in, which hasn't been a problem so far, as I've only had to wait a week for things to arrive.

    BUT I really, really NEED pants and they don't have any women's ones in my size (I've tried on some of the mens and they just don't fit right) and I will have to wait 2 MONTHS for them to get them in the right size, that's if they even are the right size when they arrive!

    I've had this problem with boots already, right shoe size arrived but couldn't get the zip done up along my calf, apparently a very common problem with women's boots as our calves are a totally different shape/length to men's and the women's boots (at my store) appear to just be men's boots in a smaller size, lol.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Many thanks,
  2. Try Motorcycleland in Wendouree, I am a Melbournite but used them for a tyre when my one went to tyre heaven while I was touring through the area. They were a good bunch, helped me out quickly anyway. They seem to have had a reasonable range of accessories when I was there.
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  3. Thanks for that cjvfrcjvfr
  4. Presumably if you've found the stores via google you could always call them to enquire?
  5. I could at that! But I thought it was worth asking here first :)
  6. The Kawasaki dealer in Howitt street is relatively new - last time I checked he didn't have any road gear but it has been a while since I was in so that may have changed. Maybe give him a call - he is a great guy :)

    There is another bike shop in town - forget the name of it, it's in Shepard Street. I've heard they are good mechanics if you ever need one but again the gear is all for dirt.

    I agree that Motorcycle Land in Ballarat is always willing to help and I'm a frequent visitor :) Unfortunately I found the ladies range quite limited - there are a few offerings of Kevlar jeans (several styles, few sizes) and a the same for ladies leather jackets - a little more available in the Dririder range if that is what you are after.

    I think that's it for bike shops in Ballarat?

    I usually try and shop locally but ended up in Melbourne for most of my gear purchases. I know this is quite a drive for you but if you plan it out you may be able to get through several shops - if you don't manage to find something after that then you'll be heading online anyway :)

    I hope this helps, Fr33dmFr33dm has just done every shop int he Western District and beyond looking for gear so might have some different ideas/views that could help :)
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  7. Hiya Jozlyn,
    For your boots, I suggest you research Daytona boots.
    They have an online distrbutor in Melbourne.
    My partner had the exact same issue as you, foot fits but cannot zip the boot up. We tried just about every boot in every shop down Elizabeth Street melbourne.
    These boots have a very unique calf arrangement and are extremley comfortable.
    5 stars for the daytona boots.
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  8. Hi Jo, I am in the same boat as you, just starting out and have to buy all my gear. Motorcycleland in Ballarat does have a lot of gear, but I found that women's range is very limited in brands they stock and sizes. I went to PS in Elizabeth Street (and am planning another trip). They have much bigger choice and lots of different sizes were available. I did buy AlpineStar mesh jacket for summer and did try on Dainese leathers and boots so I'll be able to get the size right when buying online through Revzilla or Motorama sites. The saving is considerable even counting in postage, and stuff doesn't take long to arrive. But if you need riding pants urgently, I'd definitely go to Melbourne. Between PS and AMX you should be able to get yourself a pair of riding pants. There are plenty of other shops in Melbourne too, but that's where folks from the city would be more helpful than me :)
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  9. Fr33dmFr33dm Have you worn your Summer jacket yet? How'd it go? We're absolutely cooking here at the moment! I need a Summer jacket and pants badly. Have got a really good pair of leather & mesh gloves though, that let in plenty of air.
  10. Innotesco is the name of the Melbourne mob that are Daytona boot stockists..

    LINK HERE: daytona® Boots

    I've recently bought a jacket from them and they're good to deal with. Mari-Anne normally looks after enquiries.

    The Daytona boots are really well made so probably will invest in them when my existing pair breaks down.
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  11. Also, if/when you plan to come to Melbourne, it might be a good idea to make an appointment with Innotesco as well. They're based about 20'ish KMs out of Melbourne.

    Rukka gear is expensive but very well made and will last you years so no harm in taking a look.

    Here's a link for Women's gear : Women's
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  12. Ouch, it is at that! Sadly out of my buying range :/ I need Summer gear badly, I'm melting inside my touring gear once it gets to around 30 degrees, even with all the vents open!
  13. Hey Jo :) Yep, tried it in temps over +34 and I'm loving it! Lets plenty of air through, has shoulder, elbow, back protection, fits well too. Draggin jeans for summer, usual boots and summer gloves, I'm all set. There are other mesh jackets on the market though, have a look at those too.
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  14. Nice! What's it called, AlpineStar ???. I've been Googling women's summer mesh jackets all morning and I'm not having a great deal of luck! My bike's stuck in the shed for at least the next four days, 39 today, 42 tomorrow, 43 Saturday and storm forecast for Sunday....... I think I'm going to cry, lol.
  15. Yeah, I'm in the same boat, staying put over this weekend :( The jacket is AlpineStar Stella range. Have a look at Revzilla or PS websites.
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  16. Thanks, will do! It always seems to be too hot or too cold out here, eh? ;)
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