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Ballarat are there any roads other than the straight onez?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by catluva, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Hey we have moved to the City of Roses and ...straight roads
    I must say it was hard to move away from our ride buddies but it had to be done.

    Can anyone help with ideas for places to ride? The ride to dalesford looks ok but is there anything interesting in the area and is anyone out there in NR world from Ballarat and would like to arrange a ride?

  2. You need to have a better look at the map, there's stacks of good roads around 'chill' city. Nothing like the spur, but some nice windy roads that are fun to ride on in pretty much every direction out of town.
  3. Close enough to Halls Gap, some good roads there.
  4. Wasn't there another thread on this topic? As Triway mentioned there are some good roads around. Daylesford is good especially if you continue on through Trentham and onto the Macedon ranges or down to the Western Highway through Greendale. There's also some nice, relatively unknown/unused roads to the West around the Snake Valley/Linton Area. Road south out of Buninyong makes for a good short ride too. Also some good stuff around the Meredith-Bacchus Marsh area (eg Brisbane Ranges) which makes for a good day out - plus the Meredith Pub does nice meals :). Would be happy to arrange a ride day, just have to wait until the Kat's finished (could be a while given work is keeping me busy and keeps sending me to NW QLD). Also hoping to organise another weekend tour of South-West Victoria before the good riding weather ends (might try for a three-day tour depending on what accommodation is like on public holidays).
  5. Last time I was in Ballarat there was a non stop procession of Gixxers going around the lake, perhaps that's the done thing down that way :wink:
  6. What lake? :? Looked like a overgrown football field yesterday.................. :LOL:
  7. I lived in Ballarat in 1983 during my first year of training as a Tech with Telecom and found the pine plantations around the eastern fringe a lot of fun in my LC Torana but being gravel wont be much fun on a sports bike :roll:

    Plenty of roads around Daylesford & Trentham to play on.
  8. Count me in on this one.

    As mentioned..a lot of straight road but good scenery, but also some nice bends if you go the right way...haven't ventured over to snake valley yet though.

    edited for incoherency.
  9. It's only a couple of hours from Apollo Bay...what more could you ask for?
  10. 7:20am's a bit early to be hitting the single malt isn't it Drew [-X :LOL:
    You're right though even though some of the roads aren't particularly exciting they are absolutely brilliant for touring - enough bends to keep things reasonably interesting but relaxed enough that you're not having to stop constantly for a break (except for fuel of course). Just don't go any further North than Bendigo ;) (all flat and straight from there).

    PVDA - I grew up right next to those pine plantations, know them very well (and yes they are fun in a RWD car :)).
  11. no... i just wasn't checking what i typed..... was to early for that.... might go and fix it though

    but yes... the roads are not a twisty fest but they are great for a days touring .
  12. thanks heaps I'll havea better look at what we have got ourselves into, I have seen bugga all bikes up here. guess I was looking for a tour guide.....lol :grin:

    thank you again!