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Bali Holiday

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Doggy, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Oh well, I'm flying out to Bali on Monday with the wife for our Honeymoon (6 years late :roll: ). I wanted Thailand but she loves Bali (shrug). Or at least the value for $. I'm sitting in the office with absolutely no go at all. I finish work on Thursday but I still can't get motivated. Oh I have been finishing off some odd jobs that have been sitting around a while but why is it whenever the holidays get near we loose motivation? :?

    Thinking about getting some leathers made over there. Got some dress boots last time and the workmanship is as good as the "trendy" shops over here. Lets face it most of our stuff is made in china / pakistan etc anyway. They reckon just bring over a pic of what you want and they will make it up for you. Not happy? don't pay. Sounds good to me.

    Andrew's "Thats not my bag" Bali trip...
  2. Damn lucky boi you are.

    Bali Rawks. We have done many, many tours to Bali.

    Stay safe ;)
  3. I'll be interested in the result of you leathers shopping, Andrew....
  4. Now hornet, there won't be any leather hoods or anything :LOL: Just kidding,

    I just need some good pics for them to copy (2 piece suit). 1.5mm leather sound about right? Doubled up on contact points? Double stitched seams? Anything else to look out for?
  5. It took you 6 years to get round to having a honeymoon...... that's a bloody long time to wait to consumate the marriage... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Damn! I wondered where those 2 kids came from! :oops: I'm going to try the Honeymoon thing to get upgrades too :wink: But with the price of custom leather work I reckon I'm goning to come home with half a cow/pig whatever. :p
  7. Ask them if they use synthetic thread, or if they can. It's easy to tell, just burn it with a flame, synthetic wil melt, cotton won't burn at all.
    Synthetic thread is waaaaay stronger, and wil take chemical abuse (such as leather cleaners, petrol etc) lots better than cotton.
    Look at the stitching too, don't want the stitches too far apart (they do this so they can sew faster), but you don't want them too close either, it can cause a perforation line. About 3mm is a good stitch length. Stitching too long will also allow excess rain in.

    Regards, Andrew.