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Bali bombers shot dead by firing squad

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. "THREE Bali bombers have been executed by firing squad on their prison island in Indonesia, according to television station TV One. "

    source: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,24624378-38196,00.html

  2. Heres hoping there are no reprisals from the crazy people who would view them as martyrs. Not sure if I rather them dead or rotting in jail... I guess now no one has to listen to their dangerous dogma
  3. The only bad thing regarding this is that it took so long to do it..........
  4. Regrettably, in our current world situation, three executions is just like killing three termites.....
  5. The unfortunate part is that there life was over relativly quick, compared to some of the pain they created for others.

    Should have happened sooner.
  6. The truly sad thing is that they honostly look forward to these kind
    of punishments. They said it themselves :cry:
  7. The bali bomber terrorists get their wish - becoming martyrs and this will be nothing but inspiration to many other terrorists. Had they been locked up for life, it would have made further terrorist acts less inspirational as there would be nothing glorious about being locked up and forgotten.
  8. Agreed. Executing a couple of terrorists won't deter future terrorists. Neither will it relieve the pain or right the wrongs they have done.

    I don't think this was a smart move.
  9. I agree, this will only make them martyrs in the eyes of their supporters.
    However it will, at least, give the families of victims some 'closure'.
    Perhaps they should start dunking them in pig's blood before shooting em.
  10. ^

    heard that one b4
  11. Good riddance. I personally would not have been able to be on the firing squad. I would have 'accidently' put a shot or 5 through knee caps, nuts, elbows, etc. then run out of shells. these slime are the lowest layer of society and a shot through the head is not representative of what they deserve.

  12. ^ Some of you don't sound much better.
  13. better then whom?
  14. Better than what, huh? Some coward pieces of %^&$ who murdered hundreds of people. I hope thats not what your getting at mate.

    Im happy they're off this planet but really they got off too easy.

    They should have been tortured over a long period of time.
    Eyes plucked out with needle nose pliers. Hands and feet crushed with 1 tonne concrete blocks. Sodomized by broken bottles.

    You get the picture.
  15. Not sure how true it is, but my Indonesian flatmate tells me that they load those guns at random with blanks, and all of them fire simultaneously, so u wouldnt know if your shot killed or not. Russian roulette in reverse.
  16. Thats how it is usually done.
  17. I reckon around about this time they are being presented with the 56th of the 72 or so virgins they have been promised !

    I wonder whats going through the minds of the Bali 9 !
  18. Well as long as they're virgin Orc's with barbed wire penises im happy.
  19. Good luck getting any action out of that.
  20. yeah, that is rather standard practice for all types of execution. ever since they had qualified executioners that werent just whatever crazy guy that wanted to kill people, there have been methods in place to save their consciences. blanks in x number of rifles is one example, another is with the lethal injection, and i would assume the modern chair also, there are 2 executioners, 2 buttons, and a computer that scrambles the message and randomly selects one imput. that way the person's conscience is spared somewhat.

    Aint the discovery channel great?