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Bali 9

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. So whats ya thoughts about what happened today.

    Two blokes are gunna get teh bullit and the mules copped life.

    Me, I am happy with the out come :grin: but I think the life sentence folk will probably get out in 20-30 years.

    Do you think that the media coverage will go into overdrive like it did for Van the Smackie or do you think that people are a little bit more cold towards the situation.

    It certainly is going to be interesting to see how the media plays this out and if they whip up a storm like last time.

    Cheers :cool:
  2. I thought it was interesting how that Renae woman that ratted on everyone got hte same sentence as them even though it was indicated that her cooperation would be taken into account.

    Apparently the judges said that she had "brought shame to Indonesia same as the others" lol.

    Isnt she gonna be popular in prison
  3. It is not like the people involved weren't aware of the sort of consequences if they were caught, I mean after all the Schapelle trial had never left media attention.

    Personally... I think I would rather be killed than face 20 years in a Bali prison.
  4. Australians opposed to the death penalty will oppose the death sentences.

    I think there will be less sympathy for the two sentenced to death because they have been portrayed as ringleaders who threatened the families of the mules. If true, most people won't have any sympathy for them.

    The media won't play it up as much.
  5. My take:

    I'm a leftie, and as such am against the death penalty. With that said, I respect that other countries have the right to impose the punishments they see fit (within basic UN imposed limits). If you go to a country to willingly break the law, you better be ready to bend over and take whatever they decide to give to you.

  6. They knew what they were doing. The law of the land prevails.
  7. I just hope it prevents others from doing the same.

    Drugs and asian countries just don't mix.

    Living your whole life on the dole in australia is much better than some small gains you may get from trafficking drugs in asia.
  8. I was going to post, but prety much agree with this word for word, so Why write it again when I can say Cheers Justin
  9. I feel sorry for their families, because they too will suffer, through no fault of their own.
  10. I gather you fall into the nature rather than nurture camp then? :wink:
  11. I feel sorry for the father who gave his son up (If we have heard the story right) And one does have to think the AFP did him dirt. Sort of a bad idea to trust a cop.

    The rest of em. They knew the risk
  12. I too am against the death penalty on moral grounds, but I have to agree if one is going to have a death penalty then it should only be applied to more serious offenders.

    The pair who got the death penalty _are_ guilty of more serious offences than 'Van the Smackie man' was... who at worst was guilty of similar offences to those people in this group who got 20 years.

    And at least the court in Indonesia has shown that they have discression in who is given the death penalty... something that could _not_ be said about the sentencing farce that surrounded Van Nguyen.
  13. Who gave their son up???
    I could never do that? No matter what my (non existent) kids do!

    (before anyone says anything about not knowing cos i'm not a father, shut your pie holes, I had a son but he died)

  14. I am a believer in the sanctity of life.. All life....

    But These people gave away their lives when they chose to move Drugs through Asia....

    Its a WELL KNOWN FACT that you traffic, you die.

    Its pretty simple here people....
    Like Speeding doen George street then complaining that the cops want to take your license away....
    You choose the crime, choose the penalty.

  15. I feel sorry for them but they knew the penalty for drug smuggling and they decided to take their chances.
  16. OK.. I cant be stuffed looking it up so this wont be definitive but the original alarm was raised by the AFP who were aparently alerted by the father of one of the kids who suspected his son was being recruited as a drug courier. I 'think' it was the guy they were arguaing for a reduced sentence for.

    His conditions for approaching the AFP were immunity or something of the sort for his kid. Fair enough. But the AFP aproached the Balinese to do the arrests and you know the rest.

    The AFP have defended this action but they have admitted passing on the fathers info and that it was the basis of the investigation. Does sort of suck
  17. Nature's not a problem; my theology says all men are sinners, and capable of any vice.

    And I have known and had to counsel too many parents, who have done everything right with their children, but still have had them shame them and disappoint them, so with the best of nurture, things don't always work out.

    I would hate to have someone blame me for something my child did if I knew I had done everything possible to prevent it. Whether the parents of these 9 have been good parents, and provided wise counsel and good example, I honestly don't know, but they will suffer nonetheless. I think we have yet to hear (if we ever will) the full story of the one man who's parents exposed him to arrest.
  18. I am sure there was a lot going in on that family. But its absolutely clear that the AFP did an end run to avoid the deal they had with the family by passing information to the Balinese. Now they may have had all sorts of internal politics and pressure happening but I dont think you break faith like that when you have a deal. By all means have your own opinion, but this would be why I aint a cop
  19. Quite right. Unfortunately all (well most) parents blame themselves, rightly or wrongly.

    I feel sorry for all the parents involved, assuming none of them knew what was going on and did not make a profit from the activity.

    As for those involved. How can they look anyone straight in the eye and say they did not know what they were doing? Of course they knew, but thought they were smarter than anyone else and wouldn't get caught. Now they are bleating.

    I wonder what anyone of them would say to the parents of the drug crazed kids that used the shit they were bringing in? I know, no one has to take the shit. Unfortunately peer and other pressure on some people works. Once hooked they have little control. Again the adicts parents suffer the same as the 9. So who would I help?

    The difference in this mess is that Chappelle said she didn't do it and I can see some doubt. I think she knew it was being done but not in her bag. She is sheilding the culprit.
    In this case they were caught red handed so to speak.
    The girl said she co-operated and should get a milder sentence, well I understand that she and the others (except for 2) did get off. They were in line for some target practice as well until they co-operated.
  20. I apologise if I offend anyone, but WHAT A CRAP DAD, you do not dob your son in... This is your blood, what are you thinking when your son is in Bali trying to smuggle drugs. It's a 7 hour flight... get there yourself.

    That being said, I do not know exactly what happened, so it may be a completely different story!