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Balancing carbs product advise needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by crutch, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Ok gunna have a go at tuning/balancing my carbs im woundering has anyone used this product


    looks like the most popular one and claimes seem backed up.
    If someone has saomething better that anyone can recommend
  2. I've never used one of them, but if you wanna save the money, you can balance carbs with a bit of clear rubber hose and engine oil.

    I have a setup I hang up above the bike, it has 2 50cm lengths 6mm hose ( I think it's 6, whatever fits over the nipple on the carbs) and about 3 M of 10mm hose.

    Put some oil (transmission fluid, whatever, the thicker it is the easier it is to use) Make it so there's about 50cm of fluid in the hose. Now take the 2 bits of 6mm, stuff em inside the ends of the 10mm. So now you have 3M of 10mm hose, with 6mm ends.

    hang this somewhere, so that the oil settles in the middle at the lowest point. Attach the ends to 2 carbies and if there is a difference in vacuume then the oil will be pulled one way or the other. Just adjust the linkages until the oil stays in the center.

    You start from the carb that has the cable attached to it then synch them all in pairs, and when you get to the end they should all be done!.

    It takes about 10 mins longer to synch them, but only cost me 10 bucks to make.

  3. wow thats a good idea thanks FJ.
  4. Alternativly you can get the gauge type from MCAS. At $90 they were a great investment.

    Be carful with the make your owns. Too short a length and not viscous enough oil and you can suct the oil into the carbie
  5. i got a 4 pot balancer from mcas for 70 bucks works ok for the price so if anyone needs carb balancing done someone hook up a spnner day dont mind people using my syncer.
  6. To answer the original question: I have one and yes, it works. Yes, it's awesome.

    I tried balancing carbs using the guages and it was too difficult to use. I bought the carbtune (mine is a II I think) and it was very simple to use. Highly recommended.

    However, after giving a glowing report.. I think I've only used mine (maybe) twice in 4 years. I'll be using it again soon (on the 81 CB750) but as you can imagine it's useless on an injected bike..
  7. I was going to get some of these to stock in my shop but the company wont give trade supplier's any discount. They wouldn't even take the VAT off (VAT is the UK equivalent of GST but is 17.5%). However the postage is fairly cheap.
    I think they prefer to retail them all themselves.
    So if you want one you'll have to go direct.
    Works out to be around $142.

    Whats the difference between the MotionPro economy and Pro version?
  8. the cheaper one cannot have the mercury stored in it while it isnt been used. There may be other differences but thats what i remember talking to a rep before i bought a dail type syncer.
  9. Interesting, since I believe they aren't allowed to charge VAT for purchases outside the EU.

    In fact one DVD company over there (blackstar) used to advertise "free international shipping" and charge the sticker price on their website, since they would subtract the VAT for the sale then use it for the shipping costs.
  10. This mob has an australian distributer. This is why they won't give a dealer discount.
  11. thanks for your help. Since i got a few bikes im sure ill get my moneys worth quickly