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Balance of factory warranty on used bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lui, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Is the balance of factory warranty automatically carried over to the new owner? Do you need any paperwork from the dealer where the bike was originally purchased? Cheers!

  2. Yes, it is.
  3. + 1

    no paperwork needed either (well, i didn't need it). they usually have all the details on the bike in their records.
  4. Thanks, so you can bring the bike into any authorised dealership right?
  5. pretty much yeah.
    The warranty is to vehicle not the owner. Just try to make sure they have the service manual, though that should be on file i think
  6. Not sure about other manufacturers but Kawasaki have a warranty transfer card in the service book for transferring the warranty to a new owner. According to the instructions you have to get a dealer to inspect the bike and then stamp and sign the card before you send it off.

    Not sure how necessary this is but I am going to do it the next time I am at a dealer.

  7. generally there is a change of ownership card or page in the owners manual that you fill out and send in. That way any recalls or extended warranty offers, etc.. will get sent to you not the previous owner. Yes the warranty and details of the bike will be on the computer database but you won't be the listed owner.

    Im sure the company being Honda, Kawasaki... whomever Im sure would have a Customer Hotline or your local dealer should be able to assist IF you haven't got the above form.

    Rkyby you would be thinking Extended Warranty is where they have to inspect the vehicle before signing off on it.