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Balaclavas - (seeking info)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MelbourneMick, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. I have been considering getting on open faced balaclava to wear under my helmet.

    Just for early mornings when riding along the bay. I like to have the top vent open in my helmet for air circulation but this obviously translates into the inside of the helmet getting cooler.

    I am just after any info and decent balaclavas.
    What is the better material?
    Are there good quality ones that are thin?

    thanks in advance!
  2. I have the turtle fur shellaclava. It is grouse. Has a double layered turtle fur neck warmer, and a dryline top head cover. You have to position them in a certain way depending on your head and helmet, so that no cold air finds a spot on your skin. Also the top head cover likes to get pulled down by your helmet and cover your eyes if you don't put it on in a certain way.
    Other than that I highly recommend it.
  3. Mick, I just finished my Balaclava R&P (Research & Purchase) some time back so can help you there. :)

    About a month ago I bought DriRider Balaclava (at $ 15 from most places)- LINK

    Not too bad, thin so fits under the helmet but not really warm. Does the job but I wanted something better & warmer. I also found that after 15-20 wears, it lost its shape & became loose.

    So some more research later, I found what I was looking for & bought it 2 weeks ago.

    Ice Breaker Balaclava (on sale @ Paddy Pallin stores for $32. Normally $40). Also available at Snowgum but they dont have the 20% sale on ATM.

    Its Made of pure Merino wool & as you already know Merino is the the best natural fabric out there and way way better than fleece, polyester, polypropylene or any other synthetic stuff most of these items are made of. Check HERE

    At the end of the day, its just a balaclava & twice the price than DriRider but this one is made of Merino Wool – Awesome warmth when required but cool when the temperature rises. Been wearing it ever since and the shape is intact. I just pull it down a little bit from the nose so as to not fog up the visor.
  4. Mate you are a dead set champion!! The icebreaker is just the kind of thing I had in mind.

    There is a Snowgum not to far from me so i might pop in and check it out tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing you research and opinions!
  5. No problems at all! :D

    But if you want to save $8 then go to the Paddy Pallin store in Ringwood or the one in the city. There's one in Hawthorn as well. Call up first to find out if they still have the 20% sale or not.

    Paddy Pallin Stores
  6. I picked up a nice thin balaclava from Ray's for around $15, it's done outstanding service for over 6yrs, still has it's shape and is thin enough not to effect the fit of the helmet. Another good point is if and when the weather picks up, the balacava will fit nice and easy in any pocket.
  7. + 1 for the Shellaclava. One of the best bits of gear I have for winter riding.
  8. This seems like the best product for motorcycling, tight material, wind and waterproof and has a large flange that will keep it from riding up. (i have a 15 dollar dririder, and i find it rides up and out of my jacket pretty quickly, rendering it useless)
    I plan to get one of these soon.

    EDIT: Rjays makes a fairly smiler product, i reckon combined with a thin balaclava it would be pretty close to that, though not as wind/water proof.

  9. I just bought an Oxford ChillOut balaclava, so far its performed very well and kept me warm, kept the cool air and rain out, and my head was also pretty cool...............

    The head area fabric is thinner too so the helmet doesnt get too snug, although it does get snagger than before..............
  10. I have the oxford ChillOut gloves, they're a pretty bloody good material. my hands do get cold since my bike is currently barkbuster-less, but when they get cold it's a different sort of feeling, like cold but without the chill factor. not uncomfortable at all.
  11. I use my windproof balaclava, its also breathable & water resistant with a microfleece inner, top part is made from a thin neoprene lycra to slide on helmet with ease & to ensure maximum comfort for all day riders.
    100+ feedback on this product, loving the comfort & warmth it provides. Comes with 12 months warranty for peace of mind.

    I have windproof glove liners aswell.

    I can give you guys free postage if interested.
  12. I have these two.

    Absolutely freaking fantastic!!


  13. personally i'm not into the wannabe-badass look
  14. i've got the dririder, does a great job, small enough to roll up and wack it your pocket later in the day if the air warms up a bit.
    i also think it helps with the wind noise slightly.
    once i put the balaclava on i try not to faff around too much before putting the helmet on, especially when i'm outside banks and servos...
  15. good tip !!!
  16. Badassery aside, I've been riding with Balaclavas for years, winter or summer: these ones are thin, tight, hold their shape, breathe, don't move around, and are perfectly formed for full face helmets....and they're BADASS!! ;)

  17. Heya Mate,
    I ended up getting one of the icebreaker balaclavas from Snowgum. On Friday night (cold wet shitty weather) it made a big difference in keeping my neck and head arm. Then today (sunny and about 16) it was still very comfortable and felt like I wasn't even wearing it. Thanks for the recommendation it has been a good purchase!
  18. refueling after removing helmet with a balaclava on is one of the most awesome things about owning a bike.

    that sticks it to "the man". i will abide by your stupid rules, so how you like this
  19. ^this.
  20. No problemo! You gotta love Merino wool though. Wait till you try the Merino wool glove liners. ONLY thing is that you cant wear it during summers.