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Bakeries/café & MC riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. I seen it for many years driving my cars on the same country roads before I got my MBike. Hordes of bikes in front of certain cafes/bakeries. Maybe it’s an SA phenomenon only?

    On Sunday in Adelaide, it was a perfect Mbike riding day. I rode along my favourite loop, and in front of the Meadows (SA) bakery was about 50-75 Mbikes scattered out in front and on the road. Heaps of people on the footpath checking each others bikes out, cruisers, sports bikes and can ams (3 wheeled bikes). There are other icon places where all the bikers meet, and I was wondering what is the reason/s why certain places attract the bikes to stopping, and NOT ride past. What are the icon MB meeting places in your state?

    Do you think it’s a case of like minded people just saying hello to each other, or is there a bit of rivalry going on, with who has the fasted/shiniest/latest bikes out there, and therefore wins bragging rights for ‘biggest dick’ on that day’?

  2. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    Nothing like a hot pie and a coffee, out of the wind, on a cold morning. That's how it starts. Then the better places get a reputation.
  3. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    Pie in the Sky along the old Pac above Sydney has awesome pies, Robertson Pie Shop is at the top of the Macquarie pass. Both with good pies and a ton of bikes to ogle.

    I remember pulling up at the Robertson pie shop a while ago and having two old blokes practically knock me over to start circling my bike, commenting on how much they like the new triumphs, and then watching a bloke pull in on an 1198s with his missus on the back -completely chicken strip free. The three of us looked at each other, had a chuckle and went to check out the Duke rider's bike and missus.
  4. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    Yep, there's definitely something about bakeries, no doubt of that. The Rainbow Bakery on the highway at south Milton is also an excellent one. They make a great "breakfast pie" - a whole egg and bacon baked in a pie, yummo!
  5. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    Pies seem to be an ideal riding/motorcycling food. The Pie Shop in the middle of the main street of Bateman's Bay is a classy place to eat, and the coffee is not bad either. The Pie Shop at the northern end of Kangaroo Valley claims to have the best pies around, but I suspect that this claim is mainly to compete with Robertson. And I've never seen too many riders stopped there.
  6. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    I stopped there once upon a time. The pies were indeed mediocre at best.
  7. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    i'm more of a hamburger chick, but i do love a good potato pie.

    we get hungry, we like bikes... we combine the two and go eat food with lots of bikes ;)
  8. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    All perfectly natural. Because the place is good and interest in motorcycles is shared. There is a common denominator. :)
  9. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    'snot an Australian thing: world wide, riders know the best coffee and cakes (y)

    UK at the Robin Hood roundabout, Epping: the Green Shed is world famous


    Some of the 50+ bikes at the Finchingfield bakery


    The OP from SA should take a ride to Cowell for the Best Cream Buns between Melbourne and WA, but the Bendigo branch of the Beechworth Bakery really takes some beating :beer:

  10. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    there's quite a few places that I have been 2 that are very popular with riders. Normally it's just that the place is somewhat central to the twisties - though at the same time can be in the middle of no where - They have easy parking for bikes and are usually very accommodating.
    I think though a big part is (at least here) there are a few major motorbike meeting points, for example BP at yatala for south rides or the BP at the Gap for north ones and the cafes are at that right distance that you end up there around lunch time.
  11. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    I like the fact that a 95% fat cake is photographed sitting on instructions for CPR :grin:.
  12. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    good pick up
  13. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    How appropriate!!!
  14. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    Next time im at Wollombi on a nice weekend day, ill be sure to get a few photos of the hordes of bikes. 100+ at any given time.
  15. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    the beechworth? i think, barkey in healsville usually has bikes out the front, mansfield is sometimes pretty chockers too
  16. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    wollombi pub?? ripper place

    ill snap some pics at road warriors cafe on Saturday
  17. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    I was gonna mention the Wollombi pub. Plenty of bikes and often a few interesting car clubs on most weekends. It's a favourite of the MR2 club.
  18. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    and ford muscle cars
  19. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    The Black Spur Roadhouse in Vic used to be very popular, as was a cafe style hangout in Marysville called "In Neutral". Sadly, the latter is gone, along with Marysville.
  20. Re: Bakeries/café & MB riders

    If you're in SE Queensland, there is a great little eatery at the bottom of the main street in Canungra. I've eaten there a couple of times, very bike-friendly and they have an internet cafe if you want to update your tour details (which I have also done a couple of times).

    It's called....are you ready for this? "the Canungra Fudge Factory." Truly.

    I also heartily recommend the "Fuzzy Duck Cafe" in the main street of Wauchope, NSW.

    And, no, I am NOT making all of this up.