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Bairnsdale to Broken Hill

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by katana, May 8, 2008.

  1. In about a months time I am heading off for my first real bike trip.
    I have gone 400k then stayed the night at my brothers in Bendigo, then come home but this will be my first camping type road trip. :)
    I know it will be the worst time of the year for it but I could not do it any other time due to work. :(

    I am planning to leave Bairnsdale and travel up to Cooma.
    Then from Cooma across to Tumut.
    Then to Dubbo.
    From Dubbo I want to go west to Broken Hill.
    Broken Hill to Bendigo.
    Bendigo to Bairnsdale.

    I am going to camp every second night and motel the others.
    Will probably camp or cabin in a c/park at Broken Hill and stay there a few days.

    I will be taking.
    Small Blackwolf tent.
    Sleeping bag.
    Air bed and pump.
    Fold up chair.
    Small esky inside a gearsack.
    Tube kit and some tools.
    Bike pump and levers.
    5ltr jerry can of petrol.
    Clothes and toiletries.
    Bottles of water from servos.

    I have decided to not take any cooking gear and just buy something for tea during the day. I also have a few cans of stuff to chuck in the gearsacks. And coffee at the servos. Then eat well on the nights I stay in town.
    Hope to be able to buy a few stubbies just before I find a lonely spot to camp so I wont have to worry about keeping them cold.
    I welcome any comments.

  2. Hi Katana, I am sure you will enjoy yourself.

    Comments:You are crossing high country Cooma to Tumut. be careful of ice on the road. You are probably too early for any snow. Thermals are a good idea to under clothing, a neck sock to keep the wind chill down. If you go through Adaminaby you are at over 1000M above sea level so it gets cold.

    I generally take Museli bars as a quick eat when you stop to stretch.

    Have fun. :)
  3. Slight change in direction and time due to commitments at home. But this is how my first road trip turned out.

    Left Bairnsdale on Monday morn and travelled along the Princess Hwy to Cann River where I filled the tank for the first time. Then up the Monaro hwy and through Bombala on to the turn off to Bega.
    This road is one of the have to ride roads as it is steep and twisty.
    Back on to the Princess hwy and head north to Cobargo for more fuel and a bite to eat.
    From Cobargo I stayed on A1 untill Ulludula where I had to check out some blocks of land I had seen on the net.
    Then on to Nowra where I stayed for the night in a motel.

    Next morning I filled the tank again and headed for Moss Vale.
    Wow, I never expected a road like this one, It had every thing and then when you think it is over you come across Kangaroo Valley and the Hamden Bridge.

    From there it was on to the Hume freeway and turn of onto the Federal hwy onto Canberra where I filled my tank again. Straight run now to Cooma (Petrol was 10c dearer here then any where on the trip, think its when it snows).
    Then back down through Bombala to Cann River for more fuel and then onto home at Bairnsdale.
    My bike never missed a beat and used about a cup full of oil. Not bad for a bike that is near 30 years old. The seat seems to get harder with age as I get softer.