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VIC "Baillieu to fix drink-drive loophole"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grue, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/baillieu-to-fix-drinkdrive-loophole-20111121-1nqx5.html

    I fail to see why this is a big deal to them. If you're under the limit, what's the problem?

    Granted as a non-drinker there might be something I'm missing, but it seems to me that if you are staying under the 0.05 limit, it shouldn't matter.

  2. If every other state and territory doesnt allow alcohol consumption while driving, how could we tell its a 12 can trip from Darwin to Katherine??
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  3. I agree with you grue. No different to drinking a coffee, tea or bottled water.

    However in saying that, I always thought it is illegal to drink in public?
  4. Ok got it, but its till ok to read a budget report, drink coffee and phone conferance whilst driving?

    Makes sense..
  5. crap, utter crap.
    I suppose it will stop more people from having 1 too many and thinking "oh, she'll be right". since they'd know they can't have even half a glass.
    OTOH, it's gonna fuck with more people's lives who have 1 glass of wine over dinner, aren't aware of the new law and get pinged on their way home.

    I really hope this doesn't come into enactment. This state really is a farking nanny state. bloody Baillieu.
  6. Its more aimed at people who are actually driving and having a beer for example kernel. One glass of wine at a mates place then drive home is fine providing your under the limit. But the loophole of having open contents of alcohol "one on the way" is what they are targeting.
  7. Wait so it's legal to not only have open alcohol in the car while driving, it's legal to actually drink it as well?!

    All this time I was under the impression that even open alcohol was not allowed.
  8. Thats in The good ol US of A.
  9. hahahahaha why on EARTH would you throw one back whilst driving? I can understand dropping the limit to 0 to remove the people that are over by 0.0001 etc by discouraging drinking completely if you're going to drive.

    but there are people that drink while they drive?
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  10. Say you're heading to a festival with some mates and you're the designated driver. They've got some special beers/ciders/whatever that they're happily drinking away, and you want to have a taste.
  11. Not all states.
  12. .

  13. Most people do think this but in NSW it's actually not unless there is a council by-law and even then it will only be for a restricted area.

    As for drinking whilst driving, I wouldn't do it, but if you are under the limit I can't see the problem. The outrage by your premier is further proof they are after your freedom.
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  14. it's the reason I commute by cage, knock back a quite one on the way home....guess I will just get back in the saddle and learn to wheelie, hmmm, wonder which one will carry the worsest pently :-k
  15. I do. Why not?

    Sometimes you are going somewhere that turning up completely sober is just not an option :)

  16. Home brew + Camelbak
  17. To each their own, I guess. I'd completely lose my shit if someone with a longneck in hand merged into me etc.
  18. Thank you kindly ibast

    The awkward moment when you're the only sober person is daunting haha.
  19. Sigh - and with that, the "roader" died...

  20. Trust me, you have no idea. Being a non-drinker in Australia is like being one of Lindsey Lohan's friends and not having cocaine, you just get funny looks.
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