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BAH! What good is a holiday Monday if it's pouring with rain??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jun 13, 2011.

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  2. Hardly a cloud in the sky in Vic (plenty volcano ash though apparently)

    Roads will be packed with bikes today


    Just sayin!

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  3. Clear blue skies in Brisbane.
  4. I would rather not ride this weekend anyways - double demerits.

    Instead, doing some house cleaning, getting some emails sent off, going to go to the movies with a couple of friends... should be good :)

    Yesterday I washed the bike, did all the chain cleaning and lubing, filled oil and brake fluids - now bike is happily sleeping in the carport.

    I'm thinking I might also take advantage of today and visit some more websites and read up more about bikes :)
  5. thick fog again in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Didn't lift until lunchtime yesterday and looks the same today.
  6. Awesome weather in central Vic as well. Great day for a ride.
  7. Fine day in Brisbane so far, but I went for my ride on Saturday so all is good here. :)
  8. .... We had a ride planned for today!!... not happening now :evil: ...sat in the rain at the footy yesterday too!!... Swanies won!! Yaaayyyyyy! ( The Wiggles were there and Dorothy the Dinosaur gave me a flower!! :shock:)
  9. cold and crispy in wintery Melbourne, but sun's out so it's off to my favourite loop, a run down the Peninsula, and a beer at Flinders Pub in front of the log fire, a stroll through the art shop's, followed by another run at Boneo rd, backroad up to Arthur's and a slow'ish cruise up to Mornington for a coffee and back home to Beigewick.

    suffer in ya jocks Squidney
  10. Yesterday's weather was a good excuse to watch :

    Le Mans
    AMA MX

    Guilt free !!!
  11. Yesterday was sweet for a ride (in vic)!
  12. Lifted about 10am in the inner north. Perfect right now.
  13. Today is my first day off in 3 weeks - I'm buggered, but I'll be stuffed if I'm gonna miss out on at least a short blat this arvo.
    It's only water...
  14. Ha ha. We have had shoite weather for about 6 months in QLD. This morning was perfect. Nice chilly air all snuggled up in my new jacket. The sun coming up and no one out and about yet. Just perfect.
  15. Well at least after lunch time.
    Rode most of day till about 4 yesterday.
    Left at 7:30AM in fog that didn't clear (with many wet roads) till near lunch time.
    At that time I looked as if I'd been riding in the rain...:D

    Had a great day just the same..
  16. You have air in your lungs and a bike in the garage. There is no excuse to not be out for a ride.
  17. G'day everyone,...

    Well the sun keeps trying to break through so I am gonna go for a run out to Trentham and back,....
    Good chance to charge Romana's Batt since it been raining so much up here,...

    Then I'll wash her and put her back to bed.

    Dr Who?
  18. Glorious, sunny and calm - I can see the heat haze coming off the tile roof across the road.

    I wish it was raining so that still being inside in my jimmy-jams would be even better, but I'll soldier on.
  19. lifted here about 10, but was still about in patches, mainly in the valleys. plenty of plod about and lots of numpties in 4wds.

    as well as cyclists on the mountain highway we now get dickheads on skateboards. they had a mate driving slowly behind them in a car to completely stuff things up. luckily I was going up hill but the poor buggers going down....
  20. Absolutely 'cats 'n dogs' all day..........supposedly worse tomorrow :(