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bag racks - or convenient ways to attach your bag to ur bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by samtastic, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. hey all,
    i searched the forums but turned up no results.

    So ive got myself a lovely little red 1990 Honda spada, and im wondering about how to attach a bag to it. I generally like to have a bit of stuff with me (school books, pencil case, lunch, etc and a my shoes for changing into). Im confident I can squeeze this into one decent sized bag (either a backpack or one of those rectangular gym bags), but im not sure how I would travel with this on my spada (im not keen on wearing a backpack while riding).

    I looked into getting a bag rack, but they're really expensive ($400 or so!). Perhaps I could call some wreckers and see if they have any racks for a spada?

    Anyway, im curious about what suggestions more seasoned riders have : )
  2. Re: bag racks - or convenient ways to attach your bag to ur

    Why not? I use one all the time, if feels weird when im not using one. i ride off then feel like i forgot my seat belt or something, ride home and put my backpack on.

    But if you dont like that you can always occy strap a milk crate on you're helmet.
  3. Ventura racks often come up on Ebay for ~100 or less, you might even get a back with it.

    Alternatively you can get a tank bag or a tailbag, google them.
  4. Me too Zealt. It actually works out quite well, as the weight of the bag is taken by the pillion seat.

    Get a backpack with decently wide straps and give it a shot. First few rides it will make your leaning feel odd, after that, its smooth sailing.
  5. what i did when i had my spada: couldn't find specific ventura rack system for the bike so i bought one for a cbr off of ebay. stripped the L brackets and modified and welded to fit the spada. repainted brackets. had pics on here but i can't find em. all up, i think, it cost my something like $30-50bucks. worked a treat :) looked no different.
  6. Get one of these. Highly visible, Australian design, not a bad backpack and reasonably waterproof.

    If you don't want a backpack, and decide to strap a bag onto the back of the bike, for goodness sake make sure that it doesn't droop down and cover your brake light, as I've seen a few motorcyclists allow.

    In my younger days, of the three incidents I had on a bike in and around the city, one was running into the back of a motorcycle, because his brake light was covered by his bag, and he braked hard because he got a fright. I slid into the back of him on wet tram tracks. Not good.

    So make sure your brake light can be seen with a bag on the back!
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  8. Try some of the motorcycle wreckers they usually have a hand full of racks and if you get a good one they may help you fit it, then you can strap just about any bag to it.

    I have Panniers on my bike but I take them off and use a backpack for to and from work. :smileysex:
  9. Picked up a very solid square tubed rack from a wrecker and then had it modified to suit the bike. Helps if you know someone who can weld.
  10. Just get a tail/seat bag. They usually attach to the pillion seat with occy straps or by using a pad and buckles. Very usable and won't fall off. I have a small ventura seat bag for shorter trips and a large Gearsack seat bag for longer trips when I need to carry more stuff. I've also got a Roadsack and find it very comfortable. :)
  11. Re: bag racks - or convenient ways to attach your bag to ur

    Congrats on the bike mate. I wouldnt suggest a gym bag, i know the ones your talking about, and yer.... I wouldnt be lane splitting with one on :LOL:

    I take my leather Lonsdale off the shoulder bag for work, got my lunch sometimes shoes and all my stuff. And it doesnt take up heaps of room, so i can still get through traffic. Its not much bigger than a laptop bag when its empty.

    Just dont make the strap to long and remember what side your exhaust is on. :wink:
  12. Man, milk crates are where its at.

    They fit my school books quite nicely, i could fit my whole locker in it!

    Last night managed to fit two backpacks and a sleep bag in it with the help of an ockey strap.

  13. Correction. Do not underestimate the power of ockey straps. :p
  14. +1 His stuff is very well designed. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.
  15. just put down an order for a Road Sack. woo!

    despite i said i didn't want to wear a backpack while riding, i like how close it hugs the body (presumably with a much better centre of gravity than other backpacks - my current one is massive) and it's uber-reflectiveness should help keep me seen (all my riding gear is black). thanks for the recommendation

    : )
  16. Yer, I have the 30 and 50ltr ventura bags. If I stick the 50ltr on on the back it'll cover the taillight. So I got a bit of aluminium checker plate and cut it so that it supports the underside of the bag then used some longer nuts to fasten it to the rack frame.
  17. Excellent. It is always good to support Australian products. My partner has one and thinks it is great. You should love it.

    Just watch that in heavy rain, some water can seep in through the seams. In particular, the top curved seam above the yellow sections. A bit of waterproofing spray probably wouldn't hurt.
  18. I went the tight-arse way and replaced the pillion strap with the shoulder strap from a canvas satchel. Attach satchel to strap ends and you're away. Done probably a thousand kay with it on there filled with various stuff and its put up with it.

    As for a real backpack, I find the ones with a suspension-mesh back system are fairly good - feels like its a part of you.

    Cheers - boingk
  19. I will make you a ventura type pack rack to fit your bike for $100-00
    Same as the one in my avatar.
    It has a base so nothing droops down over the lights. thats a RJays 80 litre pack sitting on it, And I take it everywhere,
  20. I find I feel a bit "naked" without my backpack on now. Being female I can't go anywhere without lugging heaps of s**t with me. :grin:

    Ockey straps ARE where it's at....... I attached a pumpkin and some other veges held in an enviro bag to the bike today.

    I won't lie to you, it did look rather stylish.