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Baffurst 08 - get your bogan on.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Show your colours, people.
    Ford, or Holden?
    Who's going to win?

  2. The brewers :LOL:.
  3. Since they are nearly the same car underneath and neither of them is actually a Ford or a Holden (apart from the body shell and even then the 'Holden' is shorter than a real one!) does it really matter? The winning diff will be a Ford design regardless!
  4. Seriously I had no idea it was on until Thursday. One of my neighbours has the whole of the front of their house decked out in colours, chequered flags. But then I think his inner bogan is barely beneath the skin anyway. Their family walk around the estate with his missus and kid (and dog) is always with a nice cold stubby in hand, short shorts, thongs and a wife beater shirt on...
  5. Cejay, we know as well as you do that you love Austraila purely because it allows you to freely explore your inner bogan, free from prejudice and harassment.

    The 3 S's of the traditional male Australian attire for family fitness. It's a national constume to be worn with pride cejay, Shorts, Singlet and Stubby. Tell me, did his wife have the traditional female 3 M's, being Mumble pants, Moccasins and Menthols? :)
  6. If thats a bogan count me in :grin:
  7. I had everything but the short shorts on :shock: , had trackies instead.
    Better go and see what's in the wardrobe!
  8. Pq10Vncr.

    3 in a row for Lowndesy.......
  9. I love the place, hence why I'm here! I just don't have the required physique to really set the singlet and shorts off...that beer gut and short, fat, hairy legs require real practice to get going.

    And yes, she does... :)
  10. Dunno about bogan, but someone needs to teach that bloke what you do with a dildo. :?
  11. I'd say he already knows !!!! After all he was trying to shove it in a c ........... oh wait that's just wrong to even think it :LOL:
  12. gxWwAUA.

    In school, don't you learn to always circle your mistakes??
    Cause they both have ...
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I just can't watch it anymore. I don't need a two hour lead up to the start.
    I don't need ignorant imbeciles disguised as commentators, who know nothing about motor racing yelling at me about how great it all is.
    I don't need a multimedia experience.
    I don't need "back stories" to be filed by tossers who can't dance for shit.
    I don't need to be bombarded by ads for shitty Aussie piss that sells as beer.
    I just want you assholes to actually cover the race properly, with knowledgeable commentators, like channel 7 used to do in the 70's/80's.
    That does NOT mean talking over in car shots, yelling like schoolboys when something crashes and could you actually pick up on what you are watching?
    What happened to covering the atmosphere in pit lane and on teh grid before the race? The looks of nervous drivers and mechanics 10 mins before the start?
    It's not a six hour, 1000km race anymore, it's a whole bunch of 20-50 lap sprints between pace cars. Close pit lane on the pace car immediately, and then let's see who teh best drivers and teams are eh?
    Is that too much to ask? There was a time when actual motor racing enthusiasts were catered for in the television coverage, when people in society other than bogans used to watch and discuss the race. Now it's just pander to teh lowest common denominator.....it's just become a giant marketing exercise and the racing is incidental. Kind of what has killed Rugby League as well.
    Oh yeah, it's a worry when the support racing gets you more excited on the saturday.............

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. I gave up on it when they moved to the V8 Supercar formula.

    I've just been watching the last half hour while talking to someone on the phone ....... it seems like they are really struggling to fill in the time before race start.

    OMFG! Lee Kernaghan! We really are plumbing the depths. :shock:
  16. Yeah, V8 "Supercars" runed it for me too.
    Shhh, no one mention teh fact that teh Jaguars were going down Conrod at 295km/h waaay back in 1985. :LOL:
    Super my ass.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. are you suggesting that an australian man shouldnt have hairy legs?

    maybe they should shave them like those pommy poofs

  18. tander doing a skaife has made my day...
  19. Comparing Holdens to Falcons is like comparing KFC to Hungry Jax. It's all shit really.