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Baffles + Carbon Fibre Cans

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Superunknown, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. I’ve got a Yoshi TRS carbon fibre can and I’m after some help with baffles. The can was already on the bike when I bought it, however, to pass roadworthy Springwood Suzi put in a metal removable baffle. Springwood has got a good reputation around brizzy, so I like to think they know what they’re doing. I’ve since read that using baffles in a CF can damage them, so I stopped using the baffle altogether (I used to wack it in to ride into the city during peak hour).

    I’ve read this topic started by Bonkers, and there is some mention that Staintune CF cans are packed with fibreglass not steel wool. Is this the case for all cans, or just staintune? I’ve done some hunting around on the web and can’t find any non-metal baffles around. Although there are a lot of CF cans which are offered new with removable baffles, which goes against what I have read... maybe they are packed differently.

    So basically I’ve had my fun with a loud bike. I’ve chuckled at the people who jump when I start her up with a firm blip of the throttle. I’ve rumbled around the suburbs and got lots of evil eyes. I’ve attracted the attention of numerous law enforcement officers... I forgot to grab the original exhaust off the previous owner. So basically, will the metal baffle cause damage? Considering I have ignorantly used the baffle, what sort of damage can occur? Short of swapping cans, is there a way I can quieten her down?

    Cheers guys

  2. my carbon trc came with the baffle in it,and i had to remove it..
    i dont think it would do damage as thats how they come..
  3. That's a quick reply!

    Thanks, I have seen some Yoshi's with removable baffles, but never the CF. Mine had to be drilled to fit the baffle. I'm fairly sure it wasn't an option from new.
  4. Mat Mladin imports handle Yoshi. Drop them an email.
  5. what did you have to drill? :?
    i had to drill out the rivets of the end cap take out the baffle & then use a pop rivet gun to put the end cap back on..would have to do the same to put it back in...
  6. Staintune cans do not use fibreglass packing. Fibreglass packing breaks down over time and periodically needs replacing. Tends to be used in cheaper road, or lightweight race applications.
    From the Staintune website: "STAINTUNE exhaust systems are packed with a spun stainless steel wool which never disintegrates or blows out, and require no internal maintenance."
  7. They drilled a hole on the bottom of the outlet. The baffle is held in place by a screw which goes through the drilled hole. Everyone here seems to see very little problem with baffles in the CF cans... maybe I'll just go ahead with it.