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bafflectomy on a xv250?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thecptn, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Decided that the baffles on the girl where much to quite for a v twin, but dont want to lash on some cans, i like the idea of a bafflectomy, I already bored out holes in the plates, and I must say, she does sound quite nice, and can be heard over a block away, how ever I want it louder, for the love of me I cant get em off! any one done it on a virago?


  2. Broomstick and toilet plunger mate :LOL:
  3. You need to have the mixture checked afterwards, or you could end up doing some serious damage if it's running lean.
  4. yes...
    wanta custom exhaust? c the sperts
    my experience is this.. never attack a toyota starlets catalytic converter with a holesaw...

    only if its your mates car :wink: :LOL:
  5. Wont it end up just sounding like a 250 with crappy pipes?

    then there is the issue of reselling the bike down the track, with a stuffed exhaust system.
  6. Yeah? I was reading that bafflectomies dont mess with any performance what so ever nor effects the air fuel ratio's...? hmmm...
  7. Yes it does - some people also associate doof-doof music with heavy metal too!
  8. So... did anyone actually go through with this? I've been wondering about getting something similar done to mine.
  9. Yeah Ive done it, sounds ok, the at idle it sounds tinny, best thing is to drill hole in the baffleplate and see what note you will be happy with.
  10. Gday thecptn,

    From my current experience with my zzr250 that has nowhere legal cans.. id recommend picking up a crappy set of cans from your local wreckers if youre gonna drill/bafflectomy em for a better sound UNLESS this is your 250 that you're gonna keep forever.. id estimate it'd cost maybe $200..


    You have your original cans kept in good condition for resale if youre gonna sell it to upgrade :)

  11. Hey thanks for that man, spend 200 on my bike? hhahah no way man :LOL: :LOL: it doesnt sound good at idle, but it sounds wild when you ride it though :grin: not ear busting loud, but it has this hammerin sound, all my mates love its sound, for those yamy owners, ill make an mp3 of it idling at riding to give you an idea of it.
  12. Yeah, its a pro/con thing..

    I'm not sure what the deal is with reselling a 250 in NSW, but in Victoria it can make life difficult, especially if you buy your bike unregistered (like i did) then have to get it roadworthied, AND take it to Vicroads for them to inspect it..:( still waitin on rego..

    If youre gonna keep the Virago, then im sure the bafflectomy will be fine, its pretty much what someone did to my ZZR, and the twins sound great, i get that hammering kinda sound at idle too with my parallel twin (though it could irritate my neighbours, we'll see)