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Baffle screw size for Yoshi R77 on 2006 FZ1N

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by grantmb77, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I bought a 2006 FZ1N about a month ago which has a Yoshi R77 full system installed. The previous owner misplaced the baffle (silencer) set screw. I have been researching the size with no luck. I have sent an email to Yoshimura but had no reply as yet. I have tried both M6 and M8 button head socket screws with no luck.

    Does anyone have any info/ideas on the size?

    Cheers Grant

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  2. According to my yoshimura r77 exhaust baffle instructions on my gsxr750.

    The button head cap screw size is.

    Stainless end cap muffler is 6mm x 30mm

    Carbon end cap muffler is 6mm x 12mm
  3. Or in the worst case take your muffler off and take it to a bolt shop and they will be able to match it up on the spot.
  4. Go to Bunnings and in the bolt isle get yourself a small packet of M6x30mm with the matching nuts. ($3-$5)

    The reason you want the nut is if you need to shorten the bolt just thread the nut onto the bolt, then cut the bolt with a hack-saw to your desired length then when you remove the nut it will clean any burs off the end of the bolt and tidy up the thread.

    If the spot you need to get the db killer bolt into is small and has no room for a socket or spanner, you'll need the button head hex-key bolts which running doesn't carry (not that I have seen anyway) so another good source is eBay.

    I've actually bought a few kits of assorted metric flange and button head bolts for ~$30 always handy with bikes as bolts can work their way loose and fall out. Sometimes the odd bolt might become seized or rounded and it is good to have replacements on hand.
  5. It's the thread pitch that can catch you out, some of the metric fasteners come in 1.0 mm or 1.5mm pitch.
    I get all my fasteners from my local bearing and fastener shop (Northeast fasteners).