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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by deafwish, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. My stock can on my Hornet is VERY quiet.......
    Kind of nice if it was a commuter, but it aint.
    Is there a way of removing a baffle in it to make it slightly louder?
    On the Firestorm, there is a way of hole sawing one of the internal baffles out, no more free flowing, just louder.....
    Some people may think i'm stupid, wanting to do this, but i want to hear it.
    I had a Staintune on my VTR250 and like the idea of a louder than stock pipe. :wink:

  2. Think carefully before removing the baffles. My bike had this done by the previous owner and it's now painful on the ears.
    I will admit that in traffic most drivers hear me comming, but after even 15 minutes on the bike, i get off with ringing ears and now have to wear strong earplugs (custom moulded 40Db earplugs)
    It may also reduce the performance and fuel economy of the bike.
    Also depending on how much is done, it may not be roadworthy.

    How to do it? I believe something to do with a large drill and metal punch.

    Maybe an aftermarket exhaust could be a better idea?

  3. Go with a Staintune again, keep your stock pipe for when you sell the bike and put it back on for re-sale.
  4. Staintune = $580
    Bafflectomy = $18 drill bit
    The look on my g' friends face when i.....
    Oops, got carried away there.... :oops: :LOL: