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badass lowercase and her new badass steed

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Jul 16, 2010.

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  2. Sweeeeeeet
  3. Thanks :D I'll delete all doubles/shite photos when I can be arsed.
  4. Congats :)

  5. awesome pics.

    where did you ride to?
  6. great bike lowercase Triumphs are cool
  7. badass?.. more like shortass.

    jk, great looking bike,.. who's the midget?

    sorry, jk again.

    i also enjoyed the photos of the rocks and the horses ass.
  8. nice green eyes too
  9. Yup, definitely a steed... :-s

  10. Congrats, lowercase ! Nothing like a nice piece of shiny yellow fire-breathing awesomeness !!!
    What a great way to spend your birthday & cool pics (y)
  11. oic, so you bought a horse and hired a dancing midget to pose with your bike?
    Oh that is a nice horse then!
  12. awesome bike lowercase, congratulations! Some nice shots there too!

    But..um...so why did you take a photo of a horses arse?
  13. it's a horse weeing lol.

    i tried introducing my kawasaki to him, but he just gave me a wee bit of attitude :rofl:


    I'm 5'7. The bike is just huge lol :D

    Plus... I'm standing downhill and and and... :( .... 8-[

    My eyes change colour. Sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes greyish, sometimes mixed.


  14. Why do Triumphs in particular ALWAYS look best in yellow??

    Nice bike, Holly, enjoy!
  15. So hot!! And the bike looks awesome as well ;)

    That horse looks amazing....did you tug on it's mane? lol
  16. I'm worried about how long you will keep this bike in one piece with sitting backwards and all.
  17. I have a friend who has that, airport security wasn't very happy when both hair and eye colour had changed from the photo.. they thought she was using her sister's passport.

    Congrats on the Trumpy too (y)

    Tis the same beasty engine as in the Speed Triple, yes?
  18. Very nice.........
  19. Wot, no wheelie pictures???

  20. You mean stroke it's mane... Tugging is for winkies


    Oh, and BTW, nice bike lc.