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Bad weather 1, me 0 UPDATE

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I knew today wasn't going to be a good day. The car didn't start, I burned myself in the shower.

    Then I started riding and Wakehurst Pky was closed so I had to go through Pittwater Rd all the way to Warrongah Rd.

    The road was full of tree branches and leaves, and when I was going down Eastern Valley way to northbridge I saw the f***g puddle and put my indicator to change lanes but the bloody idiot in the car was on the phone and decided to accelerate instead of giving me way.

    I cought the puddle and started sliding so I quickly thought it was better to let it slide and land as softly as I could but I hit the gutter before going all the way down to the floor so the bike flipped over the left side and threw me on the air.

    The driver behind me stopped, he saw everything but didn't take the registration of the idiot on the phone. He helped me to pick up the bike and made sure that my mobile was working before I thanked him and told him that he was good and could keep going on.

    The bike is scratched and the handle bar is out of wack so next step is get the workshop to have a look and decide if I am going to claim it through insurance or just pay it from my pocket.

    Hospital said I'm clear. Just a twisted ankle and a few bruises in the hip and the knee.

  2. Shit bro, no good, same thing almost happened to me this morning, i hit the puddle, everything went all loose, but i never went over, very lucky i think, i knew i couldnt miss the puddle, so i went straight through it. Im glad to hear youre not hurt, pity about the bike, i hope you have comp insurance :?:
  3. Obviously he does if he's wondering whether or not to claim it :p

    Sucks to hear about the off Will. I got nabbed by the parkway being closed too. I couldn't be bothered turning around so I just went via monavale road, forrest way and roseville bridge. Big mistake though, traffic was pretty hectic.

    When I was coming onto the freeway from alt. route to city way, where it merges into one lane there - some asshat decided not to take the huge gap behind me to merge into, but that he needed the extra bike length so he hammered his crapbox and merged into the side of me (because it was so slow, it couldn't manage to get in front). Was next to him then behind him with horn on constantly for a good 20 seconds before passing him and flipping him the bird.

    Its moments like those, and the with the person on the phone with you this morning, that make me want to get a truck horn.. Definitely getting it for the next bike.
  4. Bad luck mate. I hope the bike was leaned over to cause it to slide on a puddle like that, if not, go get some decent tyres!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Yeah I was leaning it to try and get to the other lane after the important person (on the phone) passed.


    PS: Air horn coming this way too
  6. hey Andrew, Will rides a road/trail bike with the appropriate tyres....

    bum luck, mate, good to hear that you're ok and the bike relatively so..
  7. That sucks Will,

    I caged it today 'cause it was such extreme sh1tty weather.

    I hope you and ya bike recover nicely.


    PS SYDNORBS on this THURSDAY night at terrry hills tavern especially for Jared :LOL:
  8. Glad you are OK...

    Jared, how much pressure are you feeling to turn up on Thursday. :LOL:

  9. Sounds like you need to stop blaming the guy in the car, he could have just as easily not been on the phone.You can't expect traffic to magically part the way just for you, assume they won't.
    If being leaned overtrying to avoid the water caused your accident, all I can say is maybe you made the wrong decision, and I don't mean that in a smart ass way.
    I have ridden through heaps of standing water, if you have little choice, you are far better off just getting the bike upright and riding through it.
    Paul mentions you have a trail bike, do you have knobby tyres? These SUCK on wet pavement. If you do have these tyres and a trailbike, riding through standing water should not be something to concern you at all, just don't lean the bike or hit the brakes.
    I think you should put this down to a big learning experience and look at your own actions and work on what you would do next time. Humans always look to blame others or circumstances and to become a better rider(or person) you have to get out of that mindset.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Hey Typhoon.

    I'm not blaming him for more than accelerating to not let me get through.

    If you have ridden through Eastern Valley way you would know that there is a bus lane that ends before the Northbridge and it becomes a one lane way. I had to take a decision and it was try to change lanes or stay upright and smash the front tyre against the gutter which is very high and bent the whole fork inwards.

    The tyres in my bike aren't knobbies, they are 70% street 30% off road.

    I will take this experience into consideration for the future. I didn't post here to get an unknown driver bashing session I am just telling the facts.

    The only option I had at the time was to try and get ahead of him. The guy the stopped and helped me (a station wagon driver for Dairy farmers) saw it all and commented on how wrong was the other guy for not giving me way. He was behind us and saw the whole thing happening. Big kudos for him.

    I always assume the cars are not going to give me way but I wasn't expecting the car to accelerate either.

    I like to accept and assume my own fcuk ups but I can't take blame when someone deliberately accelerate to cut in front of me. I was slowing down already so that was the reason the accident didn't cause any mayor injuries or damage to the bike.

  11. Haha I know, fingers crossed for good weather, bike will be like new after servicing :)
  12. bad news dude.

    At least your bikes is tough and should come out ok. A set of bars is not worth an insurance claim.

    Glad to hear you're ok.

    If you're not going to use it offroad you might want to look at 100% road tyres next time you replace them - 70/30 is useless really for both on and offroad. A second set of rims with road legal knobbies would be better if you plan any real dualsport work.
  13. I used to work in Northbridge, I know the road. Anyway, it sounds like I misunderstood your original description a little, but you just have to allow for other vehicles, and this goes doubly in the rain. You can't rely on superior braking or cornering in the rain, as our bikes just don;'t have the advantage over cars when it gets wet. I have seen more than a few riders forget that!
    Anyway, glad you seem relatively unscathed, and it sounds like the bike will be fine.
    I agree with getting 100% road tyres too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Maybe I´ll get a second set of rims and motardise the bike.

    Hey Dirty. Not entirely sure if it was just the bar or the fork. The bar looks pretty straight while the fork is a bit out of center. Maybe it just needs adjusting at the triple clamp. The other thing is the plastics got a few scratches, so lets see what the guys at the workshop say.

  15. damn that sounds nasty, glad to hear your mostly alright :LOL:
    Only a few weeks till we start getting good weather so it's not far away. Soon the roads will be filled with bikes
    and we will be kings I tell you... KINGS. *cough*
  16. +1

    i know the feeing
  17. Damn municeto!

    Sorry to hear of your off. :cry:

    Glad you are ok and hope you are back in the saddle soon.

    The accidents up here in QLD since the rain started have been incredible!

  18. Most likely the forks have moved in the triple clamps as well. No biggy. Loosen, grunt and retighten.

    Actually surprised that the bars dont poke out enough to stop the plastic taking a hit on the KLE.

    Get someone in the know to make the call on it, but it sounds like it's not worth trying to chase the person through your insurance, so dont work yourself up about it.
  19. I think they poke enough but the front section of the bike was on the sidewalk while the back stayed on the actual lane, so the edge of the sidewalk may have caused the damage.

    BTW I´m feeling a bit stiff today.