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bad video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by NedKellyAUS, Feb 20, 2007.

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    bad crash with track people ---->>>>warning


    found 2 things from people that know more about the crash pasted below.

    1. The (most) injured track worker was Rob Dages. Yes, he lived. The relevant parts of the story are (lifted from his account and news):

    Rob was seriously injured on Saturday, July 7, 2001, when he was struck by a rider in Turn 2 at (New Hampshire International Speedway) Loudon, while clearing the track of a previous incident. Rob's actual injuries are: fractured pelvis and tailbone, bruised ribs (one broken), an impressively ugly gash in the left forearm, an equally scary gash in the head, and lots of bumps and bruises. The other track worker Rick Martin suffered only bruises and scrapes. The rider who hit the two, Rick Currier suffered similar non-fatal injuries.

    2. Rob is fine today, no lasting injuries, he races when he has time. Rick Currier (the racer who hit the workers) did suffer some lasting long-lasting effects from his closed head injury. He was not breathing after the crash and was resucitated on-scene. Rick Martin had a minor leg injury.
    To JastIce below.... All accidents are totally avoidable, but only if you avoid anything which could be dangerous. Racing is dangerous, people get hurt. It's usually not cornerworkers, but it happens. The incident was examined and some protocols were changed, no one got their asses kicked. This corner is handled more cautiously than before, but workers still work the corner "hot", and no similar incident has occurred before or since this one.
    In case you're wondering, I was there and watched it happen and helped clean up the mess afterward. Racing was resumed about two hours later.
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    Havent got a account to log-in but is this the clip where the (2) marshalls
    are on the track bend & one gets cleaned up & lies on track motionless &
    the rider drags himself off the track?

  3. Barry Sheene crashed at Daytona in 1975, at around 170 MILES per hour, broke most everything and lost yards of skin.... and raced at Magny Cours in France 6 weeks later..... The human spirit is an amazing thing....
  4. Glad to hear they are ok. It looks really bad in the clip.

    What I want to know is, if a yellow flag was waved just down from the crash this probably wouldn't have happened.
  5. Yep, the man was a legend.
  6. + 1jillion to the rider getting back out there to help after crawling off the track.

    That totally sucks.
    So did they stop the race?
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