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bad TV addictions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. so, for some reason, am addicted to the show "beauty and the geek". watched the first episode this season and then just kind of had to watch all of them. (only like 6 or 7).

    the final is tomorrow night and watching that with some mates who also somehow got addicted.

    anyways - my question - what are the worst shows you've been addicted to?


  2. Re: bad addictions

    Stargate sg1. Ended up 13 seasons and 4 movies later. All on DVD in my spare room.
  3. Re: bad addictions

    oh yeah, and i did the ugly betty thing....

    got into H&A for a while, but luckily got over it!

    i almost got hooked on stargate, saw the first few episodes, then my shifts changed and missed the next two or three episodes - that's all it took to kill the addiction :D
  4. Re: bad addictions

    not the original series which my younger siblings were addicted to.
    it was the replays in the late 1990's.
    saturday arvos at about 3pm'ish
    had to make the best effort to be home to watch it.
  5. Re: bad addictions

    She said...

    Stargate was a great show thank you very much :p.

    LC I was also addicted to Beauty and the Geek...mainly the first season. 2nd season I have only seen about 4 of them...Kara was the bomb...shame she got eliminated last week :(. Hot busty chicks in mud pit = win...
  6. Re: bad addictions

    Kara was the bomb!?!?!? She was a total cow! She tore Daniel down and said she's not interested and wants to be friends, he kisses someone else and then she acts as though just moments prior she'd declared her love for him!

    She acted like she was into Tim, led him on and then tore him down too. KARMA - she'll get what's coming... oh wait... she did... she got kicked off hahaha :D

    We're making a big night of it tonight - pizza, the amazing race, beauty and the geek... should be good.

    The mud pit was good... the guys could barely concentrate!! I did forget to look at their pants though... ah well... maybe a good thing I didn't?
  7. Re: bad addictions


    including atlantis and universe! :beer:

    crap tv.....i used to watch bits and pieces of a show called true beauty
    thankfuly never addicted, it certainly did satisfy the "bad tv" requirement! ](*,)
  8. Sparticus (Blood and Sand), Breaking Bad, and House for me. As for Stargate, we have every box set and the movies, but Universe is the best. :)
  9. House?

    I love house, and judging by the ratings so do many other people... I would imagine that to be a non-bad tv addiction?

    The only 2 shows that I try to make an effort to actually watch is house and how I met your mother.

    Bad addiction.... embarrassed to say......Neighbours........It's on at dinner time so I watch it along with the simpsons (not embarrassed about that though :)) with my daughter.
  10. Re: bad addictions

    I saw the ad for that, was almost enough to get me to watch it. Almost.

    The only show I follow is Breaking Bad, but I record it & watch it in my own time...
  11. I re-watched ALL of Stargate SG1 and Atlantis all in one go. Watched the Big Bang Theory all in one go as well as Burn Notice, Spartacus, Battlestar Galactica, and How I Met Your Mother. I also watched Bondi Rescue through youtube :).

    I find watching these all in one go and commercial free is better.
  12. House rocks my socks.

    Is Border Security counted as bad? Cause I'm so into that show! But they cancelled it or something? I'm pissed. Went to watch it last Wednesday and it was Criminal Minds or Criminal Investigation or something. SO not happy [-(
  13. Yes, only terrorists or drug smugglers watch that [-(
  14. #14 lowercase, Nov 25, 2010
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    but I love the whole... "did you pack these bags yourself?" "yes, we pack them ourselves" "so do you know what's in these bags?" "yes" "there's lots of food in here and you haven't declared it" "oh but that's not food" or "it's a gift, gift! from grandma for son in law. gift!"

    hahahahaha :LOL:

  15. the only thing that shits me, though, is that the fine is a measly $220. it should be over $2000. there's no excuse.
  16. #16 AznCruiser, Nov 25, 2010
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    This isnt marijuana officer, its special grass clipping :)
  17. customer: "it not food"
    security: "do you eat it?"
    customer: "yes"
    security: "then it's food"
    customer: "it not food"
    security: "do you put it in your mouth?"
    customer: "yes"
    security: "then it's food"
    customer: "no! not food!"
    security: "sir, if you put it in your mouth and chew it or swallow it, it's food. i'm going to have to fine you today as you did not declare this food and i know that you know better"
    customer: "no! it not food! it gift. gift from mother"
    security: "it's food. you said you packed these bags, you eat it. it's food"
    customer: "i am ignorant"
    security: "that's $220 fine for today"
    customer: "can you reduce fine?"
    security: "sorry?"
    customer: "reduce fine. less money"
    security: "no. $220"

  18. Lol thats a crack up. Maybe I should have watched it.
  19. it happened almost every episode - people with poor english bringing their undeclared food into our country and just... total idiots. hilarious :D watch the video above
  20. Re: bad addictions

    I thought Kara was the bomb too for the first 4 or 5 shows...but then i really started noticing how ugly she was with that moley moley MOLE . on her face. i think the camera guys were focusing on her heaps which is probably what helped me notice...she did have a smoking hot bod.

    then i started noticing that other chick...what's her name with the fish lips and was making out with the fat boy in the tub? her face is no improvement over kara, but again, smoking hot bod.

    back to the topic

    addicted shows: Band of Brothers, Good News Week, Family Guy

    hated shows: MasterCock, JuniorGayMasterCock, Neighbours, Homos & Away, CSI (all versions)