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Bad Top Gear news (Stig spoiler inside)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Spots, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. A newspaper in the UK has outed 'The Stig's true identity.

    That's really disappointing.

    Spoilers, beware: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/driving/article5548705.ece
    (in case the rest of the internet and news hasn't spoiled it for you already)

  2. Oh well, not too much of a disappointment! Won't stop me watching, I always assumed he was an ex racer of some sort.

    Interestingly, what Jeremy & Hammond last night said about the first Stig driving off an Aircraft Carrier appears to have been true! Missed that episode...
  3. Yeah, it won't stop us watching of course.

    It just ruins some of the fun and the silly mystique built up around the character. :)
  4. Nah, just pretend you don't know! I'm sure they'll still do the "some say..."thing :grin:
  5. thats pretty lame of them
    it had to come out eventually

    the show still rocks
  6. I used to think it was Damon Hill. Then I thought, maybe Mika Haakinen. Even Tommi Makinen (Stig Blomqvist would have been too obvious).

    As it turns out I now know his name and I still don't know who he is.
  7. While the stigs identity being a secret was funny I don't think that knowing the identity will change anything.

    The best part wasn't so much not knowing who it was, it was in eps where he was on public transport fully decked out or pulled over by a cop and not talking / taking off helmet.

    Even if they keep up the act it would be great.
    Or fake the death of the stig and bring in a red stig (same person) but he will be faster because of a red outfit.
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    Here is that vid: http://au.[media=youtube]_eiJkQzpzRc[/media]


    Now they'll have to get a new one. :cool:
  9. It's been rumoured to be Ben Collins for some while. People have done voice analysis and all sorts!

    Whoever Ben is, he can drive well!

  10. Some say he's a retired racing driver
    Some say that his name is Ben Collins
    All we know is he's the stig
  11. Put an Australian flavour to it by calling him/her "Bluey"

    No surprise in Collins being outed although I still believe they vary the actual person depending on what has to be driven.
  12. All these articles say "a newspaper" revealed his identity.

    Which newspaper???

    I want to write to them to tell them what a d1ck-move publishing his identity was. It's not in the spirit of the show.

    What IS cool, is that Jeremy, Richard and James could probably just do an episode where they ask the people of Britain to NOT purchase advertising in, buy or read the newspaper that outed The Stig - and it'd die overnight.
    Be ace if they did it.
  13. As top gear aus has shown bringing an aus flavour to top gear is a horrible idea, like dipping you balls in a blender just to find out "Will it blend!"
  14. Who the hell's Ben Collins?
  15. 'specially not the V8 powered blender in last night's episode!!! :LOL:
  16. Exactly. And it makes no difference anyway.
  17. I had the same thoughts.

    Can you say "350 million hate-mail letters"? (estimated worldwide viewership)
  18. Im suprised they kept it secret for this long! They did well to keep it secret, imagine with all that crew etc, it only takes one person to let slip after a few drinks and someone sell it to a newspaper....

    A former boss of mine worked for mercedes in Germany before moving to NZ and claimed that the original stig was a test driver for mercedes, and he knew him. Said he was the scarrest bloke to get in a car with!
  19. Aussie Stig = Jason Bargwana !
  20. Ok Ok, I give up

    I am the Stig