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Bad suburbs of Melbourne?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BoostJunky, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Hey, since Im looking for an apartment/house and Ive never been to Melb I thought maybe some here may be able to help.

    To start off with, Ill be going to school at bundoora (La Trobe) but most likely working more inner city so Im looking for a place as close as possible to both. Im not sure how much commuting I will do on two wheels, so public transit will be my assumed primary mode of transportation.

    Any recommended areas?

    Any bad/dirtier ones I should avoid?

  2. :popcorn: oh sh1t this is gonna be good...
  3. All of the inner suburds are cool. Melb doesnt really have a redfern. Prahran if you are a poof. Brunswick/ northcote if you are a lezzo.
  4. The few times ive been down to Melborune, ive stayed at St Kilda

    Never had any problems there, close to the CBD etc
  5. I am, from Sydney after all :wink:
  6. Ya umm.. lets just say Im not looking for one of the more..."colorful" suburbs. My bike doesnt carry a rainbow sticker on the back.

    Ive noticed alot of stuff available in reservoir for seemingly cheaper than elsewhere, but from the pictures it seems to be more rundown stuff (though its hard to tell from on or two pics). Is this at all true or am I getting the wrong impression?
  7. If it's going to be public transport to Latrobe, you'll probably need to be near Plenty Road for the tram route. Train lines aren't really close enough to the university for easy access.
    The tram line runs into town through Reservoir, Preston (prolly too far out for your purposes), Thornbury, Northcote, Fitzroy or Collingwood.
    Although you can be unlucky anywhere, none pose a huge risk.
    Having said that, I was beaten senseless in trendy, expensive Fitzroy once :cry:

    Edit: I reckon you'd be happy in Northcote or Thornbury from the sound of it.
  8. :rofl: :rofl: :soapbox: :rofl: ](*,)

    To call what we have here a public transport 'system' would be insulting just about any other western country i've been too.

    we have a loose arangement of bus, tram and train companies that ocasionaly by accident get there time tables to be syncronised, where it takes 40k's, 2 hours and 3 changes of vehical to go between 2 suburbs that are next to each other.

    Mate unless where you are and where you want to be are on the same train, tram, bus line and you can get a time table that is vaugly near your schedule your better off using your own transport.
  9. stay away from Wheelers Hill.........
    Gromit's from there

    we all know What a baaaaad influence he is :wink:
  10. Just to give you an idea of one option. (Im not advocating it)

    Catching a bus from Carlton which is very close to the city will take about 1hr to La Trobe.
  11. reservoir is not inner city. It is out in what I call the "moccasin belt' It's handy to latrobe but
  12. hmmm... you'd want to be staying north of the city if going to latrobe.

    If you can afford it- Fitzroy/Fitzroy North, Northcote, Clifton Hill etc are all pretty classy.

    If money is a bit tight- reservoir, thornbury, coburg may be good.
  13. Ya Ive been checking that out for various locations.

    Chances are I will be using the bike as long as its not pouring rain. I suppose Im a fair weather rider.

    If all works out as planned though, I will only be going to school 3 days/week. So its not like I need to make the trip every day.
  14. We are all fair weather riders down here as it doesn't seem to rain anymore. Bring your own drinking water cos ours is about gone
  15. yeah beaut weather, unless ya want a garden!

    Coburg is pretty good, stay away from Reservoir it's a shithole. :grin:
  16. Oi! I resemble that!!! :evil: :LOL:

    BoostJunky - here's a link to info on Melbourne bus, tram and train routes & timetables. Could come in handy! The site has an interactive map, so you should be able to work out the suburbs that are the most convenient.

    And don't fret about bumping into me - Wheelers Hill's a loooong way from Bundoora!
  17. Sad but very true.
    Go Fitzroy and surrounds option I reckon. You will probably like Brunswick st. Always something happening. And theres "The Nunnery" backpackers near by where you will likely bump into a fellow canuck or 2 :beer:
  18. Macleod, Heidelberg Heights, Heidelberg West, Ivanhoe, Rosanna. Stay away from Olympic Village.

    You can catch some good size yabbies in the moat around La Trobe Uni too.

    The problem with inner suburbs is the rental prices and their is less chance of having somewhere off street to park your bike.