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Bad riding habits...What's yours?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Justin Stacks, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. We've all got at least one. What's yours?

    My P plate broke off after a couple of weeks and I've never replaced it.

    Tinted visor at night.

    I don't check my tyre pressure as often as I should.

  2. Sometimes I countersteer by pulling on the opposite bar, especially on long sweeping bends. I know it's naughty but it feels like I can adjust it more finely and I just find myself doing it
  3. I brake too late in corners so lose positive chain tension which makes the bike slop.

    Tyre pressure? Shit, I can't find a gauge that I can know is accurate.
  4. I always find I let my arms go stiff while riding..
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  5. I spend too much time on NR instead of actually being a rider and riding.
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  6. Did you know most (possibly all) of the air pumps now have a built in gauge which measures tyre pressure?

    No need to bring or have your own.

    I just realized this after I bought my tyre pressure gauge and finally went to a pump, haha.
  7. Did you know most of them have been dropped so often they're not even close to accurate? Can be several pounds out.
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  8. I have this really baaaaaaaad habit of sticking to speed limits :D
  9. I think he means those electronic compressors that go beep-beep-beep once it reaches the pressure set on its screen. Can[t drop those....well I hope you can't
  10. Im way too lazy when it comes to chain care, to the point where i have a few times had far far too loose a chain, and so much gunk build up in that area of the bike that a cop defected me for having an oil leak (which i do not have, i just have a swingarm that has never had a proper clean in 25 years) however today, i did the impossible and gave it my best effort and went though about two liters of turps and degreasing fluid to clean it up. Worst motorcycle related experience ever :\

    I also dont check my pressures often enough, i always check before i hit the twisties, but if i go a week or two or three,with out getting it out in the hills it will go unchecked which isnt great.

    I also use the front brake quite a lot for slow speed manoeuvring, and further to that its not uncommon for me to trail the fronts into turns if im running a bit too fast. probably not the best idea when i only have a 100 profile cross ply front to handle all those forces at once.
  11. I ride while drunk.
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  12. I rev match when I don't need to and don't when I really should.

    I overestimate the size of my bike and don't take filtering opportunities 50% of the time.
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  13. My left hand sits on top of the grip and not gripping the grip.
    Always in a state of conscious incompetence.
    Always singing or doing my bookwork in my head whilst riding.
    I ride mad !
  14. I remember at my training course, that was pretty much what the instructor said to do.

    Little did you know, you've been pro this whole time.
  15. chains are easy, you know those $2 degreaser aerosols at supercheap? spray on, hose off, short ride to warm the chain, lube (wax is best).

    pressure, go buy a bicycle pump with gauge for $30
    if you track it check the pressure hot

    my bad habits ;

    riding too fast at night time

    getting pissed off with cagers that sit in the right hand lane of the highway but they don't overtake, they just sit there and block the lane

    braking with one finger to avoid that car that might pull out, and then finding out i need four to stop
  16. Not always keeping my emotions in check around other tools on the road and compromising my safety.

    Riding with left hand off the bar on highways.
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  17. Right foot on the ground when stopped, with left sitting ready for gear changes.
    Left over habit from MX days, which I still haven't kicked.:banghead:
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  18. I don't use the rear brake. Ever.

    I think it's because I feel it's been bent inwards by the previous when it was dropped, so I'm going to pull the lever off and bend it back out because currently my foot has to twist into the weirdest position just to reach it.
  19. I used to drag the front of my foot on the ground as I took off from a stop. The toes in my boots are scuffed now (that's the main reason I stopped doing it).

    I also over-use my rear brake when slowing but not stopping, like coming up to a roundabout.
  20. Actually, I don't think that's such bad practice. Just keep your throttle cracked open while using the rear brake.

    It's a technique that is taught at HART, used for hairpin turns and roundabouts.

    With the throttle cracked open, you don't disturb the weight distribution as much and can slow down using rear brake. It's the proper way to use brakes on a turn.

    I do it all the time!