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Bad reviews

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. A thread in which to vent your spleen at professional motorcycling journos who write poor reviews of bikes.

    2000 Bandit 1200 Review

    I don't think it's just me being protective of the Bandit (this one is essentially the same as my 1999 model), although maybe there's some of that there. It's more that he commits two cardinal sins:

    1. Doesn't clearly identify what is his own taste and what is a real issue: the looks of the bike didn't work for him, but he acted as though that's an issue for everyone.

    2. Made a completely inappropriate comparison - a Ducati with the Bandit. Completely different bikes for completely different purposes, not comparing like with like.

    Enough analysis from me, but hopefully you too have some dodgy reviews you'd like to lambaste.

  2. With respect Bravus, I think he exactly identifies what his taste is - it's the Monster. The comparison is inadequate though, I agree. All in all not much of a review, and criticism is largely based around personal preference. For example,:

    How contradictory can you be?

    The one thing I will say in it's favour is that it's not just the manufacturer's promotional literature dressed up as journalism (you got that, Australian motorcycle publications? :? )
  3. Any review that criticises a bike for it's riding position. Really what's the point, all riders are different so why do reviewers criticise bikes simply because they found them uncomfortable.
    For example I've seen numerous reviews condeming the RF600 solely because of its (supposedly) "painfully" uncomfortable riding position (Edit: like this one) - yet I found it suited me perfectly (just couldn't find one suitable to buy).
    Likewise I've seen reviews raving about how comfortable a bike is when I'd struggle to last 5 minutes on one (like most of the current nakeds).
  4. I love everything type reviews are also particuarly useless, have a read of Cycle Torque! :roll:
  5. I made a bike purchase based on a good review from the Australian motorcycle trader magazine ( gs500 ).

    I think the bike reviews can be a decision factor particularly for people who like me at the time who knew nothing about roadbikes.

    I guarantee this i will never again rely on a motorcycle trader mag review to assist with a new bike purchase.They didnt tell it quite like it is.
  6. Reviews will always be subjective Bravus, what I like in a bike will not be what you like. I didn't this brief review that unusual, frankly, and if truth be known not that far from the way most riders view this bike (IMO).

    So read reviews, by all means, but go out and test ride them yourself and make up your own mind.
  7. I made a purchase (silly me) going off what the dealer and a mate said.

    if you look below, said bike is now for sale :oops:
  8. The reviewer in the op is a total poser. All he cares about is image, ironically he is plainly visually illiterate regarding design.

    What did you expect? iirc, they said it was a good budget commuter.
  9. My first upgrade bike (sv650s) was lauded by all the mags and is now for sale less than a year after purchase. I made sure my next bike was universally sh*t-canned by the mags (Hornet 900) and lo and behold I fekkin love it!

    The moral of the story: Reviews suck! TEST RIDE, YOU MOFO!
  10. Your own review on this bike could be interesting. Care to share?
  11. Thanks. Noticed the owners ranked it higher than MCN did.
    All depends on what people want and expect from their bikes whatever budget I guess.
  12. And how did the bike differ to their opinions?
  13. And is this the bike you have only owned, for how many weeks?
  14. Yeah I agree. It's good to have someone who is not tied too closely to the market. The review in the OP is not particularly good, but not because it is negative.

    With Cycle Torque and to a lesser extend Two Wheels you need to read between the lines.

    For example. "it was a bit of a stretch to the bars" probably means "I had to lay on the tank and put my feet on the rear indicators to reach the handlebars"
  15. the only reviews I really have issue with are ones that blame a bike for things that are nothing to do with that particular model and more to do with that class of bike.

    i.e 'The Hornet 600 sufferes from a lot of wind blast over 120mph'
    um - it's a NAKED BIKE you moron.
    i've seen several reviews of different naked bikes where they go on & on about wind blast - gives me the shits! you don't buy a naked bike & not expect to be hit with wind.

    and of course ye olde 'uncomfortable riding position'
    this is ALWAYS dependent on each reviewer's body shape etc. i personally find super sports uncomfortable as hell to ride. but i'm not going to say to someone 'don't buy super sports they're all uncomfortable'. my dad finds them REALLY comfy.
  16. :roll: It does not get worse than that. I don't think the guy knows whether he's Arthur or Martha
  17. Strangely enough I had an old Laverda twin that was painful to ride over 90km/h. Yet the streetfighter Suzuki is fine up to well above 140. So it seems strange, but some nakeds are worse than others.
  18. I've owned the bike for 5 weeks. There are a few other personal reasons why im selling it. (re: after the accident i was in xmas 2007)

    BUT i was told ( compared to the r6 i had before) i'd have much better power, efi is much smoother, great handling, lighter bike, more wank functions (shift light,steering stabilizer,gear indicator display etc.

    The efi is not smoother than my carby r6, the bike is NOWHERE near as good a street bike as the r6 is. (98% of my riding is street, 2% track). This bike, IMO would be better suited purely for track use..

    Id rather have my 01-02 r6 back. :)
  19. Mate, spend a couple hungy and get a Power commander and the smoothness will be much better. This bike definitely handles better then an '02 R6, and has more power, as well as all the other things mentioned.

    But personal reasons override everything rational about a bike, so I hope you get rid of it without losing too much mate.