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Bad Puns

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Gustlik, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Wow, those people are very switched on. Lots of potential.
  3. Ohm y god... they are even worse than this attempt at a pun. :(
  4. that was shocking
  5. I didn't think they were very punny at all.
  6. You seem to have high tension...
  7. ..electrifying!!
  8. I thought that they seemed pretty down to earth - although some of the puns were pretty revolting. Still, it did spark a reaction from a few people. :p
  9. Ohm my dog these are bad.
  10. these are so bad it hertz.
  11. Resistance is useless...:eek:
  12. Watt???....
  13. Particularly because this thread is currently running at full potential, it's amped up a huge electro motive force that simply cant be switched off.
  14. It all goes to show that I'm positive that current Netriders capacitance for puns (even the negative ones) cannot be underestimated.

    Some of these puns are real joules...
  15. Absolutely revolting, guys.
  16. I'm "shocked" at all these "current" puns....
  17. yeah powerful words, I hope they don't generata blackout.
  18. The thread has generated some fairly good puns. It's a bit of a switch not to see many from that old gaffer Hornet though. I can only believe that he's either found another outlet or that he's managed to insulate himself from this thread. He's usually unphased by having to find a pun but in this case he might be a bit shocked

  19. I enjoy the way you conduct yourself around here, Tony.
  20. Thanks Joel, you're a bit of a live wire yourself!