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Bad opinions on motocycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bugcatcher, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. My wife is just getting into bikes, she is the shadow 200 rider elsewhere in the forums. She is always saying everyone she tells that she rides a motorcycle has a bad comment to say. Its always that they are unsafe and kill people and they knew someone that died, but they are never people that have ever ridden before that say it. With proper training and lots of practice,i Know i have a feeling of saftey on a bike because i am so aware of my sorroundings. Have other people had this experience with non riders?

  2. Mate I'm always copping it from people and it's always people who have never ridden and don't know anyone who does and never will. My response is always the same..... don't knock it till you try it.
  3. amen to that....
  4. I agree. I have copped a lot of comments from people about how dangerous it is and how it's always the motorbike's fault when accidents happen. Even when you try to explain they are not willing to listen. I have even lost a good friend because of my decision to ride. At the end of the day it's my decision and people should just respect that.
  5. The really scarey thing is that now that these non-riders know someone who rides, they'll come up to yuo in a couple of months and say 'since I knw you got a bike, I've noticed a lot more motorbikes on the road'. I've had it said to me a few times over the years, even had someone say it to me quite recently about pushbikes after I'd mentioned that I was pedalling into work.

    They really don't see us people..... :shock:
  6. Agreed!

    Before i became i rider i used to see them, but not care so to speak.
    Now i see them, move for them and respect them.

  7. yep, had friends & relatives start calling me a "temporary australian" and say I would be dead in 6 months.

    scary thing was a couple of them "used" to ride - and they were saying "mate, I know how dangerous it is out there..don't do it"

    personally I think they wre just bad riders :grin:

    seriously - people don't deal with it to start with but eventually they get used to the idea, or at least stop saying stuff to your face.
  8. As soon as I told my Mum I was getting a bike she said a similar thing. I don't know if she notices them more now than what she did previously, but when she does see a bike she is always checking to see how they ride and if they are wearing proper gear :p.
  9. My G/F's mum is always having a go a me for riding, and is packing serious darkies about when I get off restrictions and start pillioning thf G/F.

    Always bringing up my crash and mentioning people who've had bike crashes at the hospital she volunteers at.

    Lats time I just turned around and told her the story of how my brother was crossing legally at a zebra crossing on a quiet suburban street 100m from our parents house and had his elbow and fore-arm shattered by a hoon in a car. Then I asked her how people in that hospital of hers had had horrific accidents that WEREN'T motorcycle related. She had no comeback.

    I then calmly explained to that we all choose to take risks, and that with the proper preperation and training, the risks of any activity can me minimised...

    Then I told her to go stick it up her jumper... (I fooken wish!!)
  10. I am always getting grief about riding a motorbike by people who do not ride. It used to annoy me, but now I just switch off and dont even enter the argument. :?
  11. yeh mate, I get it a lot too, its so idiotic when you think about it, "ohhh its so dangerour" and so is a bloody car, if people saw what happens to people in car wrecks, they would think twice, every thing in life has a danger factor to it.
  12. When I told my dad I was getting a bike, he replied to me with,

    "Just call these people, you might get a discount...<insert phone number here>"

    So I googled the number, sure enough a lawn cemetery. This coming from a man who used to race Porsches, smoke, drink like a fish, do Redex rallies.

    Why do people have to be such f*ckheads?
  13. i too have had a number of people be considerably negative about my choice to ride, but thats what it comes down to, i chose to ride, and my friends that feel they need to remind me of the dangers need to accept that its my choice, and strangers, well, who gives a damn what they think...
    After i came off my bike my mum told my other half in no uncertain terms that I was to sell my bike (what was left of it) and give up riding all together as its way too dangerous! His response was, its not your decision, and its not my decision, either way what she decides it's up to her... sometimes a bit of support like that from friends and family would be nice hey, instead of being bagged out for our decisions all the time....
  14. That's fugging funny. :LOL:
  15. 'Cause he's your dad, he loves you and the thought of you getting injured or killed scares him. He was in control of the risks he took, he can't control the risks you're taking.

    What you have to do is convince him that you're properly controlling those risks. He'll still worry, but hopefully he won't keep laying it on you.
  16. Yep the negative nellies crap me off too.

    I've got a bloke a work who naggs on about it all the time so last week at the work BBQ when he started up with "Riding a bike is dangerous". I replied with:

    "Yeah it is a bit, but you're a fat prick and will probably get some really complicated illness that will seriously fark you up and force us to pay all your medical bills untill you die horribly at a young age".

    I got a chat from the boss for that one but it was worth it.

  17. As a member of one of the SES units that does Road Accident Rescue, I can easily put off driving your car which so safe :? photos and stories.

    ******** Waring a bit off *******

    I attended a accident where a young guy (18 or 19) was driving a hotted up VS commodore. Driving along with the boy racer pose, seat back one hand on top of the steering wheel. Fairly minor accident ( ie, he would have survived) but the airbag went off, sending his arm flying backwards and hitting his head killing him.
  18. Hey guess what motorcycling is more dangerous than driving a car. It's a fact and I still choose to ride. :p

    Of course people that love your like mum and dad are going to be concerned, as a dad it is my job!!

    My grandfather died on a motorbike at the age of 82, he had been riding for 60 years in Finland and got wiped out by someone running a stop sign. You can imagine how my mum feels about bikes, all I could do is to show her that I am taking my safety seriously, she still worries but doesn't hassle me.

    All you can do is to ensure that you understand the risks and make decisions based on these, I love motorcycling and try not to listen to the negative comments but listen to the reason people say these things, and it is normally because they care.
  19. LMAO that is awesome!!!!

    Whenever my mum starts up with "every time I think of you on that bike my heart skips a beat" I say "mum - I could die crossing the street. i could die in a car. someone could come in to my govt office & shoot us all. There are thousands of ways to die just by leaving the house. there are ways to die WITHOUT leaving the house. I'm going to enjoy my life"
  20. I was pretty lucky, my Mum was a bit wary but didn't nag me when I told her I was getting a bike. Probably figures at 26, and having ridden trail bikes for 12+ years I was responsible enough to handle it.

    My Dad was good, he used to ride an old postie bike back in the day, and understood that the bike was the smartest option for me at the time (after having my car stolen) as far as cost of petrol goes, along with the free parking.

    The GF's parents offered nothing but support, having been riders themselves. But as yet I haven't taken the GF for a ride on the back yet... will have to see if I get "the talk" then.

    A couple of my friends declared that I would kill myself, but that only lasted for a day or so, and as far as criticism from workmates has gone, I have been lucky. I only seem to get questions about how good it is, how much it costs me, and if I think they should get a bike.

    Not everyone is so negative towards motorcyclists... I think people are genuinely starting to see the benefits, and may be shifting towards our way of thinking. Especially with the price of fuel how it is.