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Bad news from a mechanic, any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by matressking, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Well, was on the way to the gf's house the other night, turned onto Balgowlah Road, gave the Across a bit of a handful and heard:


    i look down and there's no drive to the chain, just a lot of rattling and grinding.


    Had her towed to a mechanics and got the following news yesterday, please excuse my limited knowledge.

    The spline for the front sprocket is buggered, completely buggered in fact, so my options seem to be:

    - Weld on a front sprocket and change the rear sprocket and chain. Now the life of the bike is effectively the life of the sprockets/chain (a year?)
    - Wreck it
    - Take the motor apart and replace the shaft - not even close to worth it
    - Replace the engine - ditto

    So for about 500 bucks I can have a bike to ride until I get my unrestricted licence but unless I was a very dishonest person, I could never sell it on and would eventually just have to ride it until it dies and then wreck it.

    Comments? Suggestions? Offers?!!
  2. Bugger about the sprocket. I am not at all mechnically minded, but the first option sounds like a good work around. As long as it will get you past your restriction period. Chains and sprockets should have a good 40,000 k or so in them, well that's what I get from reading through my bikes manual for service intervals etc.

    As for after, selling for parts could be a good option.
  3. whats an engine worth for one of these bikes?
    if you are a bit mechanical savvy you might be able to do it your self. ;)
    if not spend the 500 and sell it for parts at the end of your restriction period.
    given the quick fix option,,, keep in mind that it will more then likely break again!
    the 250 across is a popular bike from memory and you should be able to sell it for parts.

  4. Talk to a grey importer about getting a reasonable engine.

    If that's too dear, see if you can find one with a blown head or similar.

    It's not that hard to get that drive shaft out.
  5. what's stopping you from welding on a 2nd sprocket, after the first is rooted?

    also, if you look after your chain/sprockets immaculately, they could last a long long time.i think someone on here claimed over 80 000km, i've heard of around 50 000 a few times, 20-30k km is probably average for someone who treats it right, or about 800km if your name is Browny :p
  6. I'm sure this came up before, just recently.

    If the splines are ok on the outside of the sprocket, and there's room inside the case, you could weld a new sprocket to the old one and slide them back on again, and run the chain over the old one. The drive will actually be transmitted through the splines, to the new sprocket, then through the welding to the old sprocket and then to the chain. The welding will need to be good.
  7. Bad luck dude, I know how your feeling, you just want to make it through restrictions then get rid of the sucker without spending anymore money on it but shit just keeps breaking... like chains...

    I've done an engine swap on my ZZR when I killed the first (familiar feeling nibor :p ) with only basic mechanical knowledge and some common sense.

    Price up a motor.
    If your bike looks 'clean' (shinny and pretty for noobs) maybe swap the motor and sell it as a 'newer' bike, factor in what the market price for it is, and the price of your motor, etc etc you can work the rest out.

    As I said I only have a little mechanical knowledge, but the first thing that comes to mind with welding sprockets is balance?? Anyone? Would this kill the bearings in record time??

    Don't ask me anything about chains.
  8. ill give you $500
  9. the countershaft sprocket is quite small, and as long as the welds to hold the two sprockets together were equally applied, all round, balance shouldn't be a problem....
  10. +1 :WStupid: :wink:
  11. Thanks for the input guys.

    Who knows, if I'm kind to the new sprockets and chain I may be able to sell her or for a grand or so to someone looking for a really cheap bike to see if they like it. Then at least I would have a clear conscience. I don't think I believe in karma but I've had so much bad luck with different things in the last while, I'm not going to tempt fate!

    I'm pretty sure I could give a pretty good go at replacing the engine myself, hell if I screwed it up I'd have learned a lot, but unfortunately I really dont have the space :(
  12. if you want to have a go at it and want help let me know. hell ive even got a garage you could try it in. all i ask is one beer per day per man.
  13. If you do the 'welding the sprockets' thing, make sure you tell the buyer you've done it .... [-X
  14. Oh, and the plus side to all of this is that if I decide that I'm never going to sell the bike, I can tear off all the plastic and make some sort of frankenstein's monster out of her without feeling too guilty!
  15. yeah streetfighter... loz should pop up soon.
  16. well that was my point from the start hornet, i wouldn't not tell the buyer. i know enough about getting screwed around not to pass it on to a fellow noob!
  17. I actually PM'd him asking a few questions about it recently just because I was getting bored of the look of the across and the scuffed fairings!
  18. half the reason i got the er6 is because it has a hint of streetfighter and could be made into one with not much hassle
  19. wow! many thanks for the generous offer mate but even the thought of getting the bike to mount colah is making my wallet cry!

    If I didn't have a trip back to Ireland in August and the spending money to go with it, this wouldn't be an issue!
  20. pennant hills now. you could catch the train