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Bad luck or bad deal?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. I bought my 10 year old GPX-250 a couple of months ago, but is now unfortunately in the shop waiting for parts (4 weeks from Kawasaki in Japan :cry: ). It had developed a major coolant leak. Although I appreciate I bought a bike that was older and cheaper, is this just down to bad luck or would the dealer have known this was a problem (I'm not mechanical :roll: )?

    If the salesman had pointed out that this bike wasn't relliable I would have coughed up to twice the cash for something else. Don't know if I feel ripped off, but dam after only a few weeks it seems mighty unfair. I'm hoping this will not be a regular occurance. While fortuantely I took out a 12 month warranty, I just hope this dealer was on the level.

    I thought about writing a letter to the dealer, but I don't want to rock the boat considering they have my bike and dosh. :?
  2. My take on it all.

    If the dealer was dodgy, they wouldn't have sold you the warrenty on the bike, nor offered it.
    They would have known something was wrong, then they would know it would come back to them to be fix.

    I say bad luck, maybe next time you buy a bike you get it privately checked.

    K :)
  3. Quite the opposite actually :)

    If they were to fix it before the sale they would have to pay for the repairs. if they sell you a wty which is through an independent company, when the bike finally returns to have this fault repaired, the wty company bears the cost of repair, resulting in more profit to the seller.
  4. Providing they sold a warranty from an indepedent company.
  5. No dealer provides their own funded wty's as far as I know, for precisely this reason. They only have a small margin for error in their profit, if Sonicbaz had been on a ride to Sydney when he develpoed this coolant leak, a cooked engine would have result in a sale costing the dealer money, as their profit would unlikely cover the repair costs. No dealer will risk their profit when their are independant Co's who will do it for them.
  6. just bad luck, you cant always tell when somethings about to give up on you. the only way the dealer might have known about it is if they had seen the stuffed bit and given it a temp fix to get it sold (did you notice anything like that when the leak occoured?)

    i recently bought a car from a dealer, a 93 magna with 120,000 on it. thought it was a grouse buy till the 2nd day i had it and the radiator snapped at the inlet (plastic was just weakened by more than 10 years of use). couldn't tell that was gunna happen in a million years but it did :?

    had a bike have its bottom end let go not even 15 minutes out of the shop, was kinda lucky with that tho in that they fixed it at no charge. woulda cost them more than the profit margin i reckon :p

  7. Actually those plastic radiator "side tanks" usually go brittle like that a little while after the engine overheats. My old apollo/camry (apollory? camarollo?) radiator was fine even up to the 230,000 k point, then while waiting in line to get onto the Spirit of Tas the main elec fan died, engine overheated. No damage as I just topped up the radiator with water (while it was running so not to crack the head) and jury rigged the Aircon fan to keep running whil the ignition was on.

    2 weeks later, plastic radiator outlet pipe/tank cracked. finally traded that beast in after 300,000+ k's top car!.

    I think you were just unlucky sonicbaz, and they are replacing the radiator, the biatch is the wait, but thats actually good, as you're getting a new radiator, not a potentially dodgey second hand one.

  8. Cheers guys.

    I didn't notice anything, just one day my bike started to overheat. I stopped and found I had no coolant. I guess JJ you summed it up, better to look on the bright side.

    I can't imagine how bloody good it's going to be when I get her back though and when you don't have your bike you notice every rider that comes past even the scooterooter ones. :grin:
  9. Thats it mate its like sex the longer you wait the better it is :LOL: :LOL:
  10. i disagree, the more you get it the better it is. absence might make the heart grow fonder, but practice makes perfect :wink: