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Bad luck for my friend yesterday!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nightgash, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. He was taking his KTM 250 home after taking it for a ride. He had the bike tied down on a trailer he was towing. On the way home the bike decided the tie downs were not to its liking and it departed from the trailer. Lucky he was only going 30km/h but it was bad plastic gravel rash for the KTM. I guess he learnt to tie down the bike better in future!! :roll:

  2. Geez, he was lucky, that could have been very nasty :shock:

    Glad it wasn't too bad :)
  3. Maybe he should refer to robsalvv's post about tie-downs!

    Seriously, though, it's every carrier's nightmare, isn't it? You spend as much time looking in the rear-view mirror, 'Just to make sure it hasn't moved', as you do watching the road ahead....
  4. Ouch, that would have been a painful experience looking in the mirrors.
  5. similar thing happened to my cousin, but while he was tying it up... still did a good amount of damage though.

    i think sometimes we forget how much damage our bikes can go through even if we're not on it
  6. Beats the hell out of driving into the garage with 6K worth of carbon fibre racing bike on the roof :(
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Tell me that wasn't you and that it was a dumb friend.

    I saw a few bikes that had this treatment when I worked in the bike shop. :roll:
  8. my jaw is on the floor... ouch!

    yes please tell us it was ur dumb friend.

    stupidity has massive consequences.
  9. That really SUX!!

    Get your $10 tie downs here.

    Paul, I so relate to the one eye forward, one eye backwards thing... especially the first day I used my Monotow.
  10. I turned around once to see on the trailer my bike's arse end had skipped out to the left because it wasn't tied down properly. Damn I'm glad I spotted it and avoided your mate's misfortune.
  11. My brother in law had his Husqvarna TC610 do the same thing out of the back of his landcruiser ute while doing 100km/h down the highway. He was very lucky nobody was behind him :shock:. I imagine it would be a scary site to see your bike do that.
  12. kaboobie had her heart set on a zzr250 at the local dealer. waited til they came back from holidays and went in.
    told it was at the detailer. Came back the next day to see it.
    Came off the detailer's trailer on the freeway at 100k/hr........dead bike
    shattered missus......