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bad luck comes in 3s!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Phanoongy, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. IF bad luck comes in 3s why am i passed 30 so far this year....
    for the last week i have not been able to unlock the doors from the drivers side....i thought nothing of it till last night when i was looking in the boot for things...
    some sob stole my leather jacket from my boot!!!!....

  2. Bugger Justin, that sux!! :(

  3. Are you talking about your bike jacket? If so, it's sitting here in the lost and found box at HQ ;)
  4. So, it's down to stealing from cars now, and on your birthday too, shame on you :LOL:
  5. Give it back to him flipper you bad bad girl :p and what where you doing in his boot :shock:
  6. thanks!!!! i feel much better now...well a little anyway! still have to get the lock fixed but at least i have a jacket
  7. How's yer arm?
  8. :LOL: sounds like you had a big night on Saturday Justin :LOL:
  9. the arms just about recovered, there still are a few things that hurt it when my arm is up high but mostly good :)

    it was a good night! but all partys at HQ are
  10. Hey Phanoongy, I will punish the culprit responsible for stealing your jacket.

    Oh Deebbbbbbb....... come herrrrrrrreeeeeee......