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Bad JuJu

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ezup, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. This isn't a near miss or an incident but this evening the missus and I saddled up and went for a ride.....

    As soon as I hopped on the bike I had a seriously bad feeling about being on the bike tonight.......Upon arriving at our destination ( a industrial area 2kms or so away) we both stopped and the missus said that she had a bad feeling that someone was going to go wrong.

    We decided to pack it in and go home and after arriving safely home she said that she felt before we went for a ride that Id be having an accident tonight if we rode......it was a bad gut feeling of hers.

    My gut feeling was that something bad was going to happen to me and straight away I felt like the safest option was to go home.

    I had no confidence issue at all, however the feeling I had in my gut was saying that nothing was going to come good if I were to continue on....

    So I pose this question to all riders......

    Have you ever had a case of Bad Juju where you have felt like something wrong was going to happen and if so, did it happen or did or ride home and live to ride the beast again?:-s
  2. BadJuJu? God I thought it had something to do with lollies!! lol

    But I agree with you both, 'gut feeling' or that 'creepy feeling' I have encountered once years back, felt reallt sick in the gut type of feeling and strangley felt better as started to 'retreat' from an area, I couldnt explain it. Found out later some nasty stuff happened that I could ver well have been involved in.. smart thing you did was to 'listen' to your gut feeling.. Cant be explained but can be later!!
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  3. Self-fulfilling prophecy.
  4. Not really, but riding home from work one day I was really narked about something. I knew I wasn't in a good frame of mind to ride, and some dingwit merged into me (he missed, just).

    I've called off a scuba dive more than once at the last minute (already in the water) after serious cases of the "I've got a bad feeling about this".
  5. Stolen from another forum...
  6. Someone I raced with, had a gut feeling re: a particular course that was due to be raced, it was super tight, super fast and super technical for all cyclists even at a national level. Her concern was that great, she became quite agitated and wanted to withdraw, but the teamplayer she was she pushed on through the race. Mid course there was a serious accident and she was hurt badly, broken bones, in a coma for several weeks. Point being, if it doesnt feel right, get out...Your mind wont be in the right place for riding, but will be in the right place for mistakes to be made. Gut feelings shouldnt be ignored. Just my 2c
  7. If you don't feel fit to ride either mentally of physically then don't.
    On the other hand don't let the mental demons deny you of the experience of life. :)
  8. I wouldn't wash it down to 'self fulfilling prophecy'.

    There's things in life which can't be explained... deja-vu for instance. Even if it's all just a coincidence, it still can't be explained...

    I treat it the same as the urge i have to ride. If i have an overwhelming urge to ride, i will, regardless of conditions of practicality. And vice-versa.

    We are strange creatures... in the wild, i'm sure this intuition would serve it's purpose a lot more often...
  9. I always act that way.
    I Trust my gut feelings every time it involves real danger.
  10. lernt my lesson..............listen to these feelings, sometimes its something prophetic, sometimes its self fulfilling and sometimes its nothing............BUT its better safe than sorry.
  11. I tend to trust feelings like that when I get them. Sometimes they're wrong. Sometimes they're right. Sometimes you don't get them when a good guardian-angel type warning would be nice...

    I don't think you can attribute them all to one thing. They can be a self fulfilling prophesy - you can talk yourself into a state and then make a stupid mistake because your head was in the wrong place.

    You may have something going on emotionally, psychologically, physiologically, and while your conscious mind's not particularly aware of it, your subconscious knows you're not at your best, and it would be a bad idea to (let's say) scuba dive with sharks today.

    Your subconscious can pick up on things your conscious doesn't, and give you an 'answer' or a 'result' when you didn't even ask a question. The answer may simply take the form 'There is danger here you're not aware of.'

    When my intuition tells me not to do something, I try to think it through carefully and see if I can pin down why I shouldn't do it. I may then go and do it anyway, but I do try to be super careful, try and follow the low risk strategy in everything.

    I'm a bit of a science enthusiast. I tend to take the attitude of main stream science to most things. That makes one a bit wary of new age religions - (Hell - all religions!) and talk of astral plains and vibes and anything supernatural. That said, I have 'seen' and 'experienced' things that main stream science would have difficulty explaining, except perhaps to say I was deluded. Maybe I was, but if I was practising self delusion then I was doing a damn fine job. No, I'm not about to tell ghost stories, but I would (with reservations) accept the idea that 'There are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio...' Just because I can't explain something with science, doesn't mean it was a delusion. Just because science can't explain something with the level of knowledge we have now, doesn't mean it's wrong. It just means we don't have a good explanation.
  12. give up the weed and make your own ju ju.
    can't say i entirely ignore gut feelings though. i take them as a challenge to rise above/overcome.
    bring it god, do your best. i will beat it. i make my own fate.
  13. I've learnt due to many of life's regrets, that if you're doubting something, there's a reason for it, whether it can be explained or not.

    I've applied this thinking when it comes to motorcycling. Most days its fine; i suit up and go. But there has been 2 or 3 times this past 7 months where i've had that ningling feeling, and left the bike at home.

    Sure it maybe some sort of challenge to overcome, but what good is it if it kills you?
  14. I figured that if I don't risk it, I live to ride again, which to me is not worth risking if I feel like something will go wrong from time to time.

    Some of us pass it off and others take it to heart, but what matters at the end of the day is that we live to ride again.

    That is why we who ride, are awesome......and cagers....well...lets not go there.
  15. wasn't relating to riding, but yeah i have.
    the bad feeling became the bad reality and there was nothing i could do
  16. Regardless of what's bs or not once your in that state of mind it's best not to ride unless your strong enough to push the thoughts away. I think it's a bad idea pushing those thoughts into other riders heads though it can psych them out.

    The other week I was on a ride with my gf. She was riding too. I found out that a mate had been in a serious bike crash but I waited to tell her till we were home. Things like that can psych others out and possibly make them make mistakes.
  17. Which glove did you put on first?
  18. Not the bike but years ago my grandfather and grandmother were about to leave to drive interstate and he told her he had a very bad feeling and wasn't sure if they should leave at that time and then decided to ignore it and they left anyway. Out on the highway in the middle of nowhere a F250 pickup truck coming the other way, driver was drunk or fell asleep or something, veered onto the wrong side of the road and hit the car in front of them before then ricocheting off, spinning and hitting them on the drivers side and psinning into the side of the car as well. F250 vs Corolla at 100kmh closing rate on each side never ends well. Grandmother wasn't hurt too badly but my grandfather was and ended up dying in hospital a week later, and before he passed they both wished they'd listened to his gut feeling.