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Bad Habits

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by takagawa, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. What are your bad habits you do when you're on the bike?

    One of mine are not tucking my foot against the bike. Twice this nearly turned around to bite me. The first time, I wasn't wearing proper riding boots, just some steel capped workboots. So I take a left hand turn, I go down low then I feel my left foot, toe first go scrattccchhh across the road. I go, "WHOOPS!" (as one would do when their foot's nearly taken off). I took a look at my boots, the toe end of the sole had partly ripped to shreds. So I went, "Hmm... maybe I really should invest in riding boots... but nice turn though." :)

    Second time, had my riding boots :LOL: , yes we know where this is going. Similar thing, (I love getting down really low) left hand turn, this time the underside of my boot scratches across the road. But I moved my foot up fast. No damage to the boots.

    Now I tend to try and remember to put the front end of my foot on the pegs, as opposed to hanging off them.

    My other bad habit is only just sometimes, I push the grip instead of turning my wrist to throttle. Subconciously though, my left hand also pushes the grip, so the moments cancel each other out. However, its very noticeable when at very low speeds when I decide to accelerate fast. You could see me turning my wheel left to right trying to correct myself, and then take off.

    Anyways, I'm still on my Ls, so I still have some immunity for my mistakes :p
  2. I forget that the rest of my life exists and I just keep on riding. Kinda makes me unpopular with the boss, the wife, the kids, the bank, etc. But who gives a stuff. :p
  3. I used to do the left boot thing when I first started riding.. left hand corner and the boot would drag on the ground :) Now I've learnt to pull my foot riiiiiight back...

    I tend to forget my key in the back of the bike, when I have had the seat up.. have had to walk back across the road from the pub in Apollo Bay to get it :oops: Oh, I forget to do my helmet strap up occasionally.. even on the last ride, I was 2 mins down the road with the group and could feel that it was undone :x :?

    Hrm.. showing some absent mindedness here :roll: :D
  4. I used to do that sometimes for the first few weeks. So I started to force myself to associate helmet strap with the seatbelt in the cage. I always always put on a seatbelt when I'm driving the cage; it like, doesn't feel right if I don't have a seatbelt on, just one of those good habits I got into since as a child. So I hope in a few months, I probably would start to refuse to ride any further if I don't have my strap done.
  5. I've been riding 4-5 years.. and each time acidentally forget it I could have SWORE did it up! :oops: :roll:
  6. I'm a really really ticklish guy. One day I was riding on the freeway, and as I was getting to fwy speed, I felt something flapping against my neck. I started to laugh and laugh, and I desperately needed to pull over. When I did, I checked and I HAD done my strap, but the bit at the end of the strap wasn't buttoned down. That's quite annoying, and I've also had days when I just plain forgot to zip up my waterproof jacket so on the fwy, it was just flapping looking like I was wearing a cape :roll:.

    There should be some easier way to do those straps, like some clip or something :LOL:
  7. My bad habits include following the road rules. No matter how many times i tell myself i will not lane split, it happens straight away just as i leave the house. Doh!

    Also i tend to ride on the tank when my legs get stiff.

    Oh and when i get into a crazy race state of mind i dont indicate when changing lanes.
  8. .....Hmmmmm........where do I start????

    Those of you who've ridden with me could probably write a book on my annoying habits (on the bike!) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    :D :D :D
  9. dont have any bad habits on the bike (well i dont see them as bad)

    but my worst habit is sitting reading forums when i should be working :LOL:
  10. mine are not obeying road rules and the speed limit and i totally lose track of time. had a family thing on a few weeks ago at 6pm and it was 5:30 and i was still at whitfield :roll:
  11. I think that's your employer's own fault for making you work Saturdays, when its an ace day for riding :p
  12. worst habit is; :oops:

    when i am really relaxed and riding in desolate traffic conditions, 8)
    if a see a red light up ahead, i'll coast under engine breaking,
    often a feeling just takes over,
    i stretch out my wings and start flying,
    like a child immitating a 747.

    once (or twice),
    i have done this and incurred the precursor to a tank slapper.
    (close call, luckily it petered out as the bike slowed)

    i have read the road rule that states of your 2 hands and 2 feet combined,
    you are only allowed to take one of them off the bike at any given time.
  13. "Dancing" to the music in my helmet with the bike.
    I think it tends to freak the tin tops out a bit.

  14. heya Seanus,
    is this "Dancing" whilst riding, or is limited to traffic lights?
    some might even call the act of riding a Dance.

    do you ride with a walkman, or is it the Music in your head your listening to?
    as you have reminded me of another topic i wanted to broach.
  15. no its my own fault for going riding during the week and having to catch up at weekends

    DOH.......why do i do this to myself, but hey i got paid 5 hours to sit and read the forumd YAAAAAAYYYYY....