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Bad Habits!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dgmeister, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. A thread on bad habits, how do we know if we're doing something right or wrong?

    when i am at high speed on the sportbike, tucking in, i rest my chest on top of the tank, is this bad form???

  2. yes its bad form, it makes you look like a boy racer that watch to many moto gp races on tv
  3. sometimes its good to sit up a bit and let the wind hold some of your weight.
  4. tiprat the question is aimed at someone that would know the answer

    I would welcome newbs and experienced riders alike to ask if they think they are doing something wrong
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  5. Hahaha. :applause:
  6. OK I'll bite

    I don't turn my head enough
    I don't turn quick enough in right hand turns
    I often go too deep into corners
  7. i was aiming at things that you don't know if they are wrong or not, so you can ask to find if it is wrong.
    maybe that is silly because most people wouldn't notice they are doing anything wrong so wouldn't ask about it.

    twistngo: do you mean you don't headcheck, or you don't look ahead where you are going?
  8. According to the government, TAC and all other non-riders, owing a motorbike is itself a BAD habit. We’re the scum of the society. BAD scum. :p
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  9. Depends on how much HP you have and/or how rough the road is but a tank in the solar-plexus can really knock the wind out of you, lesson hard learned, so no I don't.
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  10. thanks for needed feedback

    yeah i was thinking a bump wouldn't go down too good.
    oh well, you can never do it the easy way can you?
  11. I do it when a good song comes on that I want to hear properly or i'm just buggered and need a rest.

    My bad habit is using the pillion pegs as my pegs to stretch out on long rides.
  12. well at least my posture will improve!
    you need a strong back to ride a sportbike.
  13. we all know using the rear brakes (on tarmac) can be a bad habit at any speed above walking pace.

    does anyone care to prove me wrong?
  14. News to me. I use the rear brake all the time, it's particularly usually to wash off speed mid corner.
  15. when braking i use the front so much that whenever i touch the rear it tends to skid so in that situation it is best to leave it alone.

    cornering seems to be the big argument point, and i tried the rear brake some corners the other day but i could not find any benefit and i was wary seems of the risk of lowside.

    my rear wheel locks up so easy it is scary

    one of my mates only uses the rear brake, almost boils it. he says the front is only for emergencies. i am trying to get him to use the front

    maybe i will try it more in corners for experience but i think it is a bad habit!
  16. then again nicky hayden uses the rear in corners...
  17. Just to clarify I'm not talking about trying to corner as fast as possible, so whatever MotoGP riders do is irrelevant.

    What I am referring to is riding on a public road at a sensible pace, where the rear brake can come in quite useful for avoiding unexpected potholes, animals, gravel, etc. (and tends to be a lot safer to use mid-corner than the front brake). Also works quite well for tightening up the cornering on some cruisers, but again this assumes you're not scraping the chromework on the road at the time.
  18. Does your bikes tank have a depression designed into it?
    If it does (typically), then that is for your helmet, so you can get it down below or in line with the top of your screen

    How do you get your chest on "top" of the tank, or is that not what you meant?
  19. What bike do you ride dg,
  20. Well...there are the times when the font might want to lift as you gas it out of a corner, and it hits a bump, or too much throttle is used. You can drag or dab the rear brake to keep it down. Better than messing with the throttle.
    that's putting the rear brake to good riding use.

    For other types of less important uses...
    You typically use the rear brake to control the height of a mono.

    And at pretty experienced levels, you can drag the rear to help the bike turn in a little tighter on corner entry. Although I personally don't do it, as my setup has my feet away from the rear brake lever.

    I use it when leading a small group of a bad corner coming up. Just flash the brake light a few times so they know to get off the gas.