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Bad Grampa

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Berek, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Hello class.

    Woke up a month ago and decided to upgrade my license from an RE to R. Did the Q-Ride Saturday then went for a test ride of the Yamaha MT-09. Walked out with a brand new 2016 Tracer.
    Very nice bike, just shame about the blue wheels... Dealer didn't know about the blue/black combo that has just been released.

    I had owned previously a 2010 Kawasaki Versys 650L from new but hadn't owned a bike since 2012.
    And. This. Thing. Rocks. Pure fun machine. But traveling 2.7 klms to work it's going to take a millennium to run the bloody thing in...

  2. Welcome mate, and congratulations! And, just take the long way home from work! Photos of your ride please!!
  3. Welcome :D
  4. Welcome to NR...

    Ahm..you can always take the 'short cut'.
  5. Thanks.
    Yep been trying to get out but it's been either too hot or too wet :cautious:
  6. Welcome. I rode an MT-09 for the first time on the weekend. They certainly get up and boogie.
  7. welcome aboard :)
  8. Welcome Berek, nice to meet you, mate.
  9. Welcome, Berek.

    I wish you very much joy of the new bike.
  10. If it's hot, then wear a vented jacket and If it's wet, wear rain gear. ;)

    The Tracer is meant to be ridden in all conditions..
  11. Thanks guys.
    Bought a new Berik Air series jacket but at 40C it didn't help. Just today I ordered a rain jacket and pants slip ons . Also a pair of water resistant half boots by Ducati. Gotta wait for paydays unfortunately. Hopefully that sees me full ATGATT and ready for anything.