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Bad fuel?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mike_dnhm, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    My bike started spluttering and conked out at the lights this morning when I pulled the clutch in. It started again but I had to rev to keep the idle up so it wouldnt stall at the lights. After setting off and riding for a bit, the problem seemed to fix itself. It has done this to me once or twice before, but not every time. Could this just be bad fuel, or could it be a worse problem I should go get checked out?

  2. Try filling up somewhere other than your regular servo (if you have one). Preferably somewhere newish so you can be reasonably confident their tanks are clean.

    If the problem continues after a couple of tanks of likely good fuel run down to reserve,, get it checked out. Given that a sudden and unexpected power loss can be rather exciting if it happens at the wrong moment, I'd want to eliminate it pronto.
  3. Cheers Pat. Don't really have a regular servo, per se. Should I try a different octane? I run on 98 normally.
  4. I've heard that running 98 octane petrol can cause issues sometimes, try 95 maybe?
  5. May also be time for a new set of plugs in it.
  6. Has the misfire been happening on the same tankful or has it been over a few? If so, did it coincide with fuel from one particular servo?

    You're unlikely to be getting bad fuel from multiple servos (though it can happen) so if you can narrow it down to one particular place or one particular tankful it might help with diagnosis.

    The possibility of a bad tankful (I've had a couple over the years) is one of the reasons I always run all the way down to reserve before refilling. That way I know where (nearly) all the fuel in my tank came from.
  7. A bad tank of fuel is such a rare occurrence these days, if the problem reappears I would suspect plugs, coils or throttle position sensor.